Bottle shop has folded

Very sad news. I remember calling into their warehouse in Bermondsey and picking up a few cases around 2013, very helpful, friendly guys and ordered regularly over the years. Never managed to call back since unfortunately. Can only assume the brewery mentioned in the link that left a 23% hole in their distribution was Beavertown.

Wow. So disappointed for Andrew and all of the staff. I backed the Bottle Shop whenever possible and it will be a great loss to the Kent (Margate and Canterbury) and Bermondsey scene.
Also their beer distribution put a lot of good beer in pubs, clubs, bars and beer shops across the county.
A real shame.

what a pity, this was one of my favourite places in London, notwithstanding the fact that they apparently played a huge role in distribution.

That sucks. Ian introduced me to the Bermondsey bar and it was far and away the best bar on the crawl in my opinion (against very heavy competition). Today is a sad day.

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And more importantly … where do I go for a pre 1100 drink now !?!
Bloody spoons ?

Drat! Dunno where i’m going to go for the occasional Fuerst Wiacek fix now - Hoplocker seems a bit erratic.

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Looks like the 2 branches of Beer Boutique have gone too, I used to visit the Putney branch quite often.

yep ran into a Bottle Shop regular today before 10.00 at London Bridge and he had nowhere to go. he seemed lost.

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Cloudwater opens at 10.00 now??

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That’s useful then as thats surely the new Kernel … ie the most wedged out venue by 1300.