Bottle shops in Liverpool

I’ll be going to Liverpool for 3 days, end of March, bringing a suitcase with the intention of filling it up with beers (and possibly some ciders and meads) that I haven’t had before. A Norwegian who is in Liverpool now, brings me the sad news that Ship in a Bottle, which by far was the best bottle store in the city, is now out of business (closure not registered on RB). Can any of you confirm this? Any alternatives? - surely there must be some decent bottle stores around? (Yes, I know about Home Bargains). Any supermarkets with a better selection than the standard national brands?

Hey, pm me & I’ll point you in the right direction for beer pick ups! Simon!

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Liked this place when visiting with Saxo & Rasmus last February. 6 miles north of centre of Liverpool. Hasn’t had any other RateBeer visitors since then it would seem (at least no one else has rated it). Worth a look if you can.

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My mother-in-law lives around the corner from this shop and she went in and picked up random cans for a Christmas present for me. They were good cans. Probably a good shop.


Wouldn’t personally label Home Bargains a decent bottle store. They stock a handful of cheap mediocre beers, nothing to go out of your way for.

I can’t comment on bottle shops in Liverpool but if you’re there for 3 days, Chester is a short distance away on the train and is worth a look. Chester Beer & Wine, That Beer Place and Beer Heroes are all worthy of your attention.

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