Bottled-Unkown On Tap-Unknown


This has to be a bug.

I think those get updated if people add distro information when they rate the beer.

I added where I had this as others did, I’m pretty sure.

pretty sure,PRETTY SURE!!?? Well add it again and see what happens!! FCS!! Seriously though, see it all the time and i find it hard to believe folks aren’t adding this info, for fuckin years! WTF!


Yeah it’s a bug, if you add distro info for where you had this after you submit a rating, it doesn’t save if you checked bottle/can or cask/keg. It only saves it if you add the place directly from the distro page.

Yet another bug reported by myself and probably many others years ago to no response.


I think this one has been around longer than the recent troubles - like 7+ years. Maybe it’s meant to be this way - there have to be a certain number of tap or bottle reports to qualify before “unknown” disappears, then 3 more in California and it says “common”.


That only affects the “broad distribution” though I think? The “bottle/can” or “tap/cask” thing only needs one.


Notice how London Beer House as “tap” after it? That’s because someone added it directly from the distro page. Similarly, Whole Foods Market has “bottle” written after it because of the same reason. So for that beer on its page it says “bottled available” and “on tap available”.

The bug is that you can only do this from the distro page of a beer, and not while post-rating it. If you add it after your rating it will only add the place to the distro info and not the tap/bottle designation, so they will remain unknown until someone manually does it, which is almost never.

I highly doubt this will ever get fixed. It’s been like this for years, why would they bother now? Who could possibly want to know where to get a particular beer? Everyone? Nah…

They can’t even show an apostrophe correctly.


Ta for the replies.


There are three ways for availability information to get into the system; when rating a beer, from the add distribution area on the beer page and when adding beers to a place (from the place page). The behaviour is different depending on the route you go through. And you may, or may not, get the tap/bottle option, depending on the route you go through. Because of these differences it’s tough to even diagnose the issues. Alex (fiulijn) did some sterling analysis work on that while back but nothing was done to take that forward.

In short, it’s all messed up and I don’t expect a fix any time soon.


To add to this I got my hopes up just now as I noticed after rating a beer just now the post-rate page has been slightly tweaked today. Unfortunately it appears it was only minor design changes. I selected the shop I bought the can at, checked “can/bottle”… alas, the place was added correctly but no bottle/can designation included :frowning:

Will keep up the complaining every time this comes up, hopefully the increased attention on it will lead to fixes.

Btw Chris, I pretty much explained in my post above what happens. I don’t think it’s tough to diagnose the issues at all. Seems pretty clear cut to me where the issue is, it’s the post-rate page. If joet fixes that it would lead to far better populated distro info on RB as I imagine this is where the vast majority of people add the info from.


Not so clear cut I’m afraid. For instance, I just added availability via the “beers here” tab on a place page. The format has been set as Tap/Cask even though there’s no selection option for that when adding availability that way! Maybe it’s always set to tap/cask when adding beers from a place page. Maybe not. Perhaps other mysterious factors come into play?

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Ah right yeah I hadn’t tested one from there without selecting one. Yeah in that case then there’s a few issues at play here:

  1. via post-rating page - no format is saved, regardless of what is selected - needs to be fixed
  2. “beers here” tab on place page - tap/cask is always chosen despite no option for user to choose - we need to be able to select which one
  3. distribution page of a beer - adding a place via this page gives user option for tap/cask or bottle/can and it appears to correctly save the user’s choice.

Is that everything? Seems the first two are broken but the third is working as intended?
@joet @services can you read through this thread and then this post and confirm you’re aware and understand the bugs around this and add a fix to your to-do?


Sorry we’re slow to respond. The team is out tending to parks today as a company-sponsored community service. And I’m a bit bombarded today, all day. This is an excellent summary. I’ll get this set up as work for next week.

The code change was me refamiliarizing myself with the code and taking care of some UX issues at the same time. The page didn’t read right for new users and was difficult to parse. I was aware of the code issues but couldn’t get to the database to make the changes. I should have the right access in a few days.


And okay. It looks like I got bottle/tap working on the post-rating page and it’s live.
Also updated to UTF-8 so that foreign characters display better on the locations page.
I also added my own rendition of the north korean flag to places but the old image is cached so that will have to wait until the cache expires or monday whichever comes first. congrats to everyone who’s had a north korean beer! I think I’ve heard from half of you about the flag and one of you more times than that.

I still need to work on the place page.

Thanks again for the summary @LazyPyro Chris!


@joet could you just confirm this is the case before launching in to this. I know that when I recently added availability via the place page it came up as Tap/Cask despite there3 being no option to select the format when you do it that way. But I can’t be certain without your confirmation that’s always the case. It could possibly be going to Bottle/Can in some circumstances (which are obscure to me). As it’s not possible to determine which route was used to add the availability information post-facto, mere mortals can’t really get a definitive handle on the mechanics - well, not without adding a load of spurious availability information to see what happens.

Sorry @joet but this is still broken. Just added distribution info for a beer currently exclusively on draught (which I selected from the post-rate) screen yet it’s been marked as bottle/can.

I specifically selected cask/tap for this one. Now I’m spreading misinformation as it looks like I’ve said it’s available in cans which it’s not.


And note @joet that whilst the availability information has an edit option it’s really just a delete option because that’s all you can do there. There’s no way to correct wrong information.

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This was recorrected. (I’d switched them for testing and then rolled that out.)

I can work on the editing of availability info. The adding availability info for places is scheduled for a complete overhaul next quarter so I won’t be putting into to redo the whole thing myself before then.

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I gave up adding in the location information immediately after rating it because it never showed the bottle/can or tap/cask designation. I’ve had this problem for years.

HOWEVER, it has always always worked if I go straight to the distribution page and add it using the “quick add location” box. It can be tricky if it’s a place without a unique name as the drop down gets populated with a number of items. Don’t think I’ve ever had an issue with that page or method of adding items.

I’ve also never had issues with editing availability if I’ve made a mistake…

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Thanks! And post rating is working fine now!

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