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Bottling vs. another week on yeast cake?


I brewed a nut brown ale (7/28) for a special event in late September. it’s been in primary for the two weeks now. OG = 1.053, FG (?) today is 1.013.
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I know I’m cutting it close, time-wise.

I tasted the gravity sample, and it’s not bad, but a little…“off”. I’m sure the lack of carbonation & the warm temp contributed, but I think time is the most lacking thing.
oh yeah…it’s extract with grains.

so my question…better to leave it on the cake for another week and cut the “aging” period by that week; or bottle it now?
more: dự án sun láng hạ
The event is Sept 28th. Went to the effort of making up special labels.



In my experience, 3 weeks is plenty of time in bottles for your beer to carb up. So you still have plenty of time.

That being said, if your fermentation is done there is really no benefit to letting the beer sit in the carboy on all that yeast.

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Yeah, I’d go forward and bottle now.

It should be good to go in the bottles by that date.