Bottom of the Barrel Beers?

Any style, any country.

I have three that contend for the bottom spot (I haven’t posted the reviews here yet. Going through a backlog of notes.)

#3 Busch Ice: There’s only one place I’d drink Busch Beer and that’s at Lake Timberline in Bonne Terre, Missouri. Busch Ice, unfortunately, is not a beer that I’d drink there. When I consumed it from the 24Oz can it was plenty cold but it tasted like a rancid, morning piss. My Tastebuds were assaulted in a way they’d never forgive me for.

#2 Camo and all of its variants: I used to work in a liquor store that had trouble keeping this off the shelf. We couldn’t sell any of it. I took home a Silver Ice. Steel Reserve tasted better, and that’s not a compliment to the beer. With the 211 you’re left with a film that goes away after a minute. With Camo, that film lingers like a really bad fart left by an old person. This, as well as Evil Eye also had a subtle green apple taste that was disconcerting.

#1 Schlitz: I made the mistake of bringing this to my grandparents’ house near Christmas, 2009. My uncle, who loves a good beer chided me for bringing it and to never bring it ever again. You know you screwed up when your uncle tells you that you messed up.

(dis)honorable mention: Hurricane High Gravity: Very sweet, and very boozy. Gave me a wicked headache. Was cold too.

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Well, I really liked Schlitz 1960s formula but those others I wouldn’t disagree with you aboot.

  1. Bowen Island Traditional Lager - awful plastic taste. Truly a garbage beer, even for 19 year old me. I hate this beer.

  2. Steel Reserve 211 - while all my friends chugged this with abandon, my one experience with it left 16-year old me with my first terrible hangover, and I couldn’t stomach it since, even as I was drinking OE, Silver Thunder, Mickey’s, Four O and other less than good beers.

  3. I will also add this beer to my list as the worst beer by good breweries: Monkish / Tired Hands / Omnipollo - Space Food. While definitely in most senses a better beer than OE, I think I would rather drink OE.

Honorable Mention: Southern Tier Creme Brulee Stout… the flavors are not bad, but this is pretty much undrinkable.

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Mikkeller Mission Chinese Food, or whatever It’s called. Whoever thought adding szechuan to a beer was wrong.