Boulder, Colorado

Will be in Boulder briefly for a conference. Will probably have time for one brewery or brewpub. Prefer someplace that does not distribute to Virginia. Will be staying near Univ. Will not have car, but may have daypass on bikeshare. Which should I visit?

Twisted Pine is worth a visit, they do not distribute at all. There’s many great small breweries in Boulder. Vision Quest, Bru, Wild Woods and many more.

IMHO, skip brewpubs and go to Backcountry Pizza. Why? You can try beer from a lot more CO breweries that way, and it’s walking distance from campus. Pick only one brewery and you may not like what they make.

If you would still prefer a brewpub instead, and are picky about clean beer relatively free of flaws, the best one to visit in Boulder IMHO is one of the two Mountain Sun locations (the “southern” one has separate upstairs and downstairs venues, so it’s kinda like three locations), although neither are walking distance from campus. However, if you like trendy “beer bro” beer (fruity sours, “mixed culture” stuff, barrel aged stuff, high ABV stuff, tons of adjuncts, etc.), you won’t find them as exciting as others…they tend to make somewhat more traditional styles (but including Belgian stuff, it’s not just IPAs and stouts etc.).

The reception at this event had a beer from Avery I had never tried so at least I got a tick in. Tomorrow night I will go to either Midnight Sun, or Twisted Pine. This town is incredible, BTW.

I ended up walking to Twisted Pine. Nice place. Would be a good town for a real beercation.

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