Bourbon County 2017

Anyone try this year’s version yet? For me, it had much less barrel/bourbon character than any previous year that I have tried. I always enjoyed BCS being able to stay relatively good since the takeover but this one was down a notch.

Just wondering if it was my experience only.

Did not have any of them, but I hear really good things about this years 3 special variants.

I had a few on tap. I thought it was more oak forward…smoother in a way. Overall a little less boozy. $2.50 for a ten ounce pour made it that much more enjoyable.

You got a bargain. G. I. Clybourn charged $10.00 for a 5 oz. snifter.

Funny thing I tried all the variants and not this years base! Ha ha ha ha

I tried yesterday, it was a bit sweeter than the previous years, and not boozy at all.

Tasting great since my first in 2007.

Can still buy this off the self in one store.


Yes! And still can.