Bov cracks 5k Swiss ratings

After 17 years on Ratebeer, today our beloved Swiss admin @Bov hit 5,000 Swiss beer ratings!

He once was very close to his goal of rating 90% of all Swiss beers, but unfortunately for him I started rating and adding beers which he didn’t have… Despite my best efforts, bov still has a staggering ratio of 86% in Swiss beers, the highest in any country with a similar amount of beers.

Congrats, Philippe!


Congratulations, Bov, amazing achievement!

5k swiss beers, wow, that’s a lot of homebrews taxed by the government!

Cheers to Philippe! :beers:

Great achievement! Congrats and cheers to you!

Thanks :wink: I didn’t even notice that as I got 5000 back in July on my homepage.
Yes, 90% was an illusion with a guy like you. And imagine if TTT was on RateBeer with his 6000 ticks…

Cheers! I struggle to keep 50% of The Netherlands…

if you were one of 2 Dutch Ratebeerians who add beers on RB, you wouldn’t be struggling :wink:

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