Brandon, Canada Restaurant charging $15 for a Bud Light

This is awesome! A restaurant in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada is charging $15 for a bottle of $2 Bud Light in order to encourage people to buy good stuff!


Thats great, let them pay if they want to drink crap beer.

Still the “local” Stellas and Guinnesses go for half the price… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Don’t even offer the shite.

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I was going to post exactly the same, but now I have to take a contrary stance…

It is morally wrong to let an idiot not part with his own money.

Those who demand shite must really pay for the privilege.
(And if you pay $2 in a supermarket for such a beer, the cost price is probably sub-$1. There’s some pretty good boost in that markup.)

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I can go along with that. I,d really like to know if there’s such an idiot out there though.

Good stuff=Molson or Labatts?

I actually still like Moosehead.
And whatever happened to O’Keefe’s?

Moosehead in cans was tasty though I didn’t see them around for long. Molson Coors retired O’keefes? Just a wild guess. Do you remember Uncle Ben’s from Tartan?

"Still the “local” Stellas and Guinnesses go for half the price… "

Yeah, this pretty much kills it - “Don’t drink A-B InBev Bud Light, Drink InBev Stella!”

uncle bens


$10 for a can of Axeman seems excessive for someone encouraging people to try good stuff. I do agree with the principle though.

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