Brew by Numbers and Brick to cease trading

According to this article:

Neither made a public statement yet.

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Shame, I thought about Brew by Numbers earlier, and that they had tailed off somewhat in my mind. Checked and actually last beer I had from them was in May 2021,from M and S, so I will not miss them. There are still plenty of great brewers out there, hope they continue…

Damn share about BBNo, generally excellent brews and really liked their taproom. My brother will be devastated they were his favourite brewery, he regularly ordered from them. Haven’t had Brick so much, but the few I had were certainly above average.

Just hope everyone involved manage to get new jobs in the industry ok.

TBH when I visited BBNo in Bermondsey in 2018 after moving to England I was impressed, but it’s steadily went downhill on every visit thereafter. The tap room is a frail shell of what it once was. Whoever decided to change from the numbering system needed to be fired first!

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I’ve not had many Brick beers but I’ve enjoyed a lot from BBN. Very surprised and sad to hear this news about both breweries.

BBNo were a firm favourite of mine around 2018 too, but they definitely dropped off in a massive way since then. A few hits here and there over the last few years, but mostly they became fairly run of the mill, highlighted by their supermarket entries. There were rumours of their demise back in March - looks like they were sadly true.

Brick is a bit of a surprise though. Never seemed to make it big but were always quietly working away in the background. Not had many from them myself.

Very sad news in any case though. I suspect there are still many more to come, too.

I got a general gist that something wasn’t right with BBNO when I went to Moor’s Taproom and mentioned I wanted to go to BBNO. She was like “if there’s anyone actually working there… they’ve laid pretty much everyone off”. That was the start of the year.

My guess is the move to the new place completely out of the way wasn’t a wise move.

Very sad news about both breweries though, if it’s true, as I’ve only ever had excellent beers from both and like many have always had time for BBNO, having been a constant presence in the scene for over ten years.

Only just last week had an incredible Brick sour. Very sad.


Bbno was traditionally the #2 stop back in the day, after the Kernel

It had slipped down the list in the past few years behind most tbh

As for staff … in recent times nearly as many staff as beers on tap!

A once solid taproom with 10 to 12 picks dropped away to just 4 or 5

I hardly bothered with it in the last year

Despite regular visits to Bermondsey after work every 2nd or 3rd week I’ll wager ive not set foot there since last autumn

Worth adding the beer quality definitely declined after the expasion … for me solid 3.7 to 3.9 rates gave way to 3.5 to 3.7

I actually had a BBNO beer last night … 421 an emporers collab … presume brewed for BD AGM. It was okay … a 3.7 but a little stuck in third gear and if this was 5 years ago id have been laying 3.9 to 4.1 im pretty sure!

I actually remember when Tom and Dave brewed out of their basement and them turning up at Craft Beer Co Clerkenwell with a couple of kegs for what was their launch … 2012 time i reckon

Sad decline


Brick aren’t too happy about being lumped in with BBNo. Though they haven’t actually confirmed if they’re in administration or not, they are adamant that they are still “open” for the time being.

I’ve got a can of this, and the ONLY reason I bought it was because of Emperor’s involvement. It’ll be my last ever BBNo beer I suppose.


I had the 421 Emperors collab at BrewDog Leeds. Gave it a high rate but I’m a sucker for impy stouts with cherry. And I did enjoy the 10th anniversary collab with cloudwater.

Have had 23 beers from BrewByNumbers, and 3 from Brick. Most of them were very good, so it can’t be a general lack of beer quality causing their problems. Maybe there are simply too many breweries in the UK now, for what the market can absorb? We see the same tendency, on a smaller scale, in Norway too.

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Sorry to see but I’m hopeful both breweries might find a way to continue.

BBNo has always been a favourite, although the beers haven’t impressed me as much in the past few years. Still good, though.

I think Brick produces some of the best sour beers in London (if not the UK) and the rest of the brewery’s output really isn’t bad either.

So BBNo is fine (relatively speaking) and not going anywhere.

On a related note, the BBNo Bermondsey tap can be closed, but what’s up with the Barrel Store in Peckham Rye and is the Netil Street market store still going.

It seems that James Beeson was a bit hasty in getting this article published, getting ‘no comment’ from both breweries last week, who then post this week that they are not calling in the administrators. Cue lots of crying on Twitter from said journo, wailing about breweries ‘not talking to him’.

Hardly surprising when he’s not exactly building bridges


While this might happen to either of these breweries in the future this has become the norm to try and beat the next guy to the news. Right, wrong or indifferent. We definitely had some breweries retired off on RateBeer before and low and behold they weren’t closed. That’s why I am firm believer we wait until the doors aren’t opening up anymore to stick nail in their coffins.


Beer journalists are an interesting lot. I thought it was him but it appears to be another one who annually throws his toys out of the pram when he doesn’t win any awards for his writing.

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Think toys out of the pram is Matt Curtis, needs a hug quite a lot


We both went to the launch opening day at BBN and it was relatively dead. The decline of the beers has (for me) started since Bates started Duration and the last good brewer left to joined Mikkeller (since left) and the last time I went; for a friend’s birthday; 2022; the tap-room was semi-rammed. I ordered an undrinkable kettle sour so I left to go Kernel. I think BBN struggled with consistency and reliable brewers and the move didn’t help.

Doing expensive festivals when there’s too many festivals. Not really advertising their beer festival as well when you’ve got big sponsored ones already happening with marketing teams doesn’t help either. Actually it took Pierre Tilquin to post it for me to notice and that’s saying something!

It’s a sad demise for Brick who have quality beers but suffered since selling-out to supermarkets early on. The lack of special releases for bottle shops and not doing nearly enough social media/tap-takeovers was part of their decline.

Also the industry is maturing; maybe faster than we are :grinning: but that evolves and change happens. You can get better beer a lot more than you used to. The choice is staggering and with inflation it’s impossible for some to operate.

Sacking all of the bar staff at once is commercial suicide for their tap-room.


Welcome back, Thomas @tdtm82 !

Will you be entering some new ratings?!

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