Brew York Rhubarbra Streisand

Any advice on how to differentiate these - the extra custard part is not referenced on the product, as far as I’m aware, the can I have looks like the bottom one, so how do I know which one I’m drinking? Or should they be merged?

The extra custard version does says ‘extra custard’ on the front of the can. Its also more yellow rather than pink.

Actually, I’m talking out my arse. It was the extra sour version that was blatantly obvious.

Actually the Extra Custard version does indeed have a little ‘badge’ on the label saying “Extra Custard Edition” to the left of the name. Not immediately obvious from the front view of the can label though it must be said. (example).

If you don’t see that then you have the regular edition. Don’t think they need to be merged as they seem to both be in production at the same time for some reason, so they should be different recipes albeit the only the difference being a hefty lactose addition in the extra, I’m guessing.

As an aside, Brew York are a pain in the arse for reusing names for different styles of beers.

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Awesome, thanks, Babs head certainly doesn’t have extra custard on it on my can, so the regular version it is

Honestly though. Extra Custard. Jesus.


Are you more of a semolina man?


I think sometimes you have to laugh along with the gimmickry otherwise you end up tearing your hair out. The latest one I know of is Goose Island teaming up with Cadbury for a Creme Egg Stout. More interesting is the social media videos of people blending two creme eggs with a half decent stout to make their own ‘better’ version!

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The hype this one got is kind of infuriating. Scummy macro business and marketing practices in play. They pretended it sold out within seconds to make it seem like it was in huge demand. They didn’t use any creme eggs in the brew so how the hell can they get away with calling it a Creme Egg Stout with only cacao nibs and vanilla as the adjuncts? Thankfully the early reviews have all been terrible because, surprise surprise, it doesn’t taste anything like Creme Egg.

Not gonna lie though if an independent brewery had brewed it and used actual creme eggs I’d probably buy it.