BrewDog closures

While I haven’t found official confirmation and will wait for this to close them on here, it appears that BrewDog Clapham Jctn, Brixton and (sigh) Leicester have closed. Can pretty much confirm Leicester as have heard from bar staff.

While i have reservations about the direction the company has taken of late, the loss in Leicester is devastating to the scene. Pretty much the only place in the city you can get non-UK craft on tap on a regular basis.

I closed Brixton amd Clapham already…

That’s 5 closed in London now. It seems to be the ones directly owned by Brewdog. The new franchies are still popping up. The trouble is that tbe new BDs only seem to stock 3 or 4 guestbeers. For me, the guestbeers were tbe only reason to visit their bars unless there were no other options or it’s a brewpub location.


Thanks. I will go ahead and aort Leicester if nobody has already done it. Thats 20 places closed on the database for Leicester! We can’t seem to hold onto much of anything here.

I am massively disappointed with Waterloo

I only go there when a new beer brewed their appears … 6 now in 5 or so months

Was thinking id be dropping in once a week after work


That must be a record of some sort for closures.

To be fair there have been some openings too - I have caught wind of a possible micro opening in the west of town - but the rate at which things close is alarming.

A lot of people say they’ve seen BD Leicester coming and I have to concur. I often used to go in on the occasional Sunday night (as TTL and the Blue Boar close at 6), but theyd often have unannounced early closures. They closed Monday and Tuesday and didn’t open most other days until 5. Not unusual for a micropub but for a place like BrewDog it is less likely.

Still loads of good places to visit in the city but we’ll never be a Nottingham or a Sheffield.

Who wants to be Nottingham or Sheffield … throw in Derby

Cities with football teams who’ve won nothing in decades

Anyone from those places who can sing … stand up if you’ve won the league (and FA cup) and actually remembered it are now approaching 60 … multiple generations have enjoyed this in Leicester !

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Plus a king in a car park!

There are quite a few ‘unsung heroes’ of places around. Queens Road Tap & Real Ale Classroom down south plus Martin Bros Micropizzeria have a tap list to die for.

Leicestershire as a county has a fair bit dotted around. Further out there’s the excellent Mill Hill plus a few decent micropubs in places like Wigston, Syston and Anstey. Even further out there’s the Elbow Room in Hinckley, which I need to re-rate as they now have one of the best tap lists in the county.

Much further west and there’s the Rock in Whitwick and a couple decent pubs in Ashby. On the other side Melton has Round Corner, and I understand that there’ll be a new craft beer pub where the old BeerHeadZ stood. So it’s not all doom and gloom but traffic is so down in town you just wonder who’s next…