Brewdog Collabfest 2019

Have to disagree on two grounds here.

  1. As colin noted, these are Brewdog brewery bars and the collabs are most likely centrally organised and arranged and facilitated by brewdog hq.
  2. It makes the beers easier to find from a search perspective.

Are they actually “collaborations”? I know our local one isn’t. It’s just a beer that BrewDog bought to ship to a festival. Other large international customers have bought it, and it will be available locally under a different name. There was no input into the recipe, and certainly no participation. This is a dilution of the term “collaborate” to not involve any “labor” at all.

Picked up about 10 last night, and only one was good (BBNo), and a couple were OK-ish. One was a hilarious disaster that was so hilarious I gave it an extra point for making me laugh!

Some most certainly are … I’ve chatted with bar staff at various London bars over the years who have given input to the concept and recipes and done brew days at the brewery … some will not be … the one you mention and Siren have simply resurrected their Orange Boom recipe from a few years back … and in past years the Siren beer has often been a general bottled release.

Either way they all get treated consistently in terms of naming convention (apart form this years Siren … seems no point and again they’ve released it in a can!).

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Fair enough. I’m going to go and take my frustration out on a Extinction Rebellion protestor instead. Train to Vauxhall cancelled which I am blaming on them.


The Chika thing is no more. When it came to light that they fund some fundamentalist Christian group a campaign against them started:

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According to Ratebeer rules collabs with bars should not go in the name, hence these beers should not be named “/ Brewdog” actually even if the bar stuff had some input.

Anyways, Estonian one was not collab by any means, unless bar staff visiting the brewery counts as one :slight_smile:

And to the admins: please don’t verify your own entries for the other regions, when the region has active admins :wink:


So who is going to go back and get rid of the ‘/ BrewDog’ for the last six years? Or are we just keeping them for some and not others in our usual sloppy manner?

Any admin with time on their hands are very welcome to change it all.

The time I have to spare goes on more important things like incorrect names/spelling/key details as opposed to perfectly searchable beers so I shall politely decline!

Yeah, sorry, that was pretty petulant for me to write that especially as I’m not admin so won’t be doing the work. I blame Liverpool for not having the courtesy to lose.

No … its a fair point … I just prioritise my admin time for things that fail a search or carry core details that are incorrect.

I’d just leave as is tbh.

Or maybe don’t worry so much about the rules on a website that’s losing it’s core users.

By pulling Brewdog from the name you just made that beer harder to find for me … I couldn’t remember the name of the beer but Pohjala Brewdog would have brought it up … now it doesn’t.

Sometimes rules can be broken … if indeed they really count for much in the first place!!!

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I would say “most” of the beers are collaborations. Certainly in the UK. Definition of the word collaboration in brewing is of course highly subjective. For the 1st couple of years we used to just put BD as the collaborator and the bar name in the description. Until it was decided that the bar name should be in the title. A large part of that was because in some bars the beer name wasn’t shown, just the BD bar name. I went to the personal effort to rename all the past Collabfest beers to include bars, so wouldnt be in favour of removal of the bar names. If one feels so strongly that the beer in question doesn’t merit a collaboration acknowledgement I still feel it is useful to have the bar name in there somewhere… so you could remove the “/” or alias the collab name to the new name in which the beer will be sold outwith the BD bars perhaps?


Brewdog Sheffield and SMOD?

As you are talking about modifying the names, this one is called Purple Grain, not Purple Rain:

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Saint Mars Of The Desert

Yes I know who they are was just asking who they collabed with


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I’m trying a few more still left over from the weekend. Loving the LBC/Clapham saison. The SMOD/Sheffield quad is gorgeous if a little sweet. As in all walks of life, Milton Keynes is a disappointment.

I had the Leicester Corner House on Friday … thought it was a really good smoked lager.