Brewdog USA separate entries like Mikkeller?

Hey guys,

Brewdog is launching here in Nashville this week and I wanted to see if these beers brewed at the US facility are considered separate entries (ala Mikkeller San Diego) or are they just being treated as the same.


I would guess that recipes from over there should stay Brewdog Scorland while recipes exclusive to the US should be a new brewery… much like Mikkeller SD and perhaps, soon to be, Mikkeller NYC.

This craft beer thing just seems to be on the verge of getting out of hand!


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What’s the emoji for “understatement of the year”?

The “weird” thing is (I’m not sure how weird it is, but I feel obliged to raise the question) that I thought that US drinkers, at least those who express opinions on the RB fora - which is of course a small minority, (a) generally didn’t like the BrewDog recipes/taste; and (b) had so many established and up-coming US craft brands to chose from that they’d barely even feel tempted to give a US BrewDog a second chance. Does this mean that BrewDog have badly misinterpreted the market, or the flipside, have they concluded that old-school RB nerds can bite themselves, and there’s a huge demographic of nouveau-kraft-drinkers ready for milking? I guess time will tell.

It will probably end up like this

Unike beers brewed only in the us get their own listing, beers brewed in Scotland as well end up as an alias to the beer brewed in Scotland.

The precedense for this is that some of the Mikkeller beers brewed in SD gets aliased to beer in Europa.
Some of the beers brewed by Stone Berlin gets aliased to the beers brewed in CA USA

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It gets even more confusing for beers at chain brewpubs in the US. The Iron Hill beers for example… who knows who should be called the original.

Anyone who pretends that no breweries will ever have occasional batches of their beer brewed elsewhere, even in competitors’ facilities, simply for reasons of practicality/capacity, is living in a state of beautiful childlike innocence.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. I had assumed it would be the same. Although I believe all the Beer Geek stuff from Mikkeller San Diego is no different than the regular Mikkeller stuff tbh.

w/r/t to American’s not digging Brewdog, I always assumed it was because the beers were expensive and old (the hoppy stuff) which led to it being pointless to buy (except for the dark beers). I was in Tokyo the past 10 years so we had relatively fresh Brewdog and I enjoyed most of their beers. The price point was always cheaper than all of the US imports in Japan (in some cases by 50%) and they were usually a few weeks fresher as well. I’ve got a soft spot for their beers if they are fresh. I think many will give them a second chance if the price point is right. The Nashville events here were pretty crowded for a Tuesday.


Yeah I added the BrewDog US brewery for adding beers that are unique to the that facility - i.e. the experimental beers that were on at DogTap Colombus. The regular beers should only have the one entry which are brewed in Scotland.

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I think All the IH beers should be combined at this point. Too much overlap. @egajdzis

Hmm, I have really tried hard to more sure everything there was unique. Do you have some examples of overlap?

The one I visit most is Lancaster and every time I come I see at least one or 2 that are listed under one location but not the other.
Iron Hill Bedotter is available everywhere it seems, so is Iron Hill Pig Iron Porter, and then you have more generic name like Smoked Porter, which leaves you wondering if this is indeed a new beer at this location or the same beer they make for different locations.

You should only see one example. The beer is tied to the first location which brewed it.