BrewDog - vs. or

I have just purchased these two bottles. One is listed as “BrewDog / Brewski” and the other “BrewDog vs.Amundsen” here at RateBeer. Isn’t “BrewDog vs.Amundsen” the same as “BrewDog / Amundsen”??? Seems like BrewDog now uses “vs.” instead of slash - /

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That bugs me a bit as well. I think that all those BrewDog beers should be named “BrewDog / …” instead of that “vs.” as that is the ratebeer way to display collabs.


@Scopey one for you to fix?

All of them (including the BrewSki one now - thanks for the heads up) are down on Ratebeer as “vs.” because that is what this series of collaboration beers are called / marketed as. Exactly as the label reads. Capture

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They use this “vs.” in this series of international collabs they are doing at the moment. It is indeed a marketing thing.

Indeed. That is why I think it shouldn’t have any influence on the way the beers are entered here. In my opinion, we should treat all collaborations the same, no matter how the breweries handle them. Consistency is more important than marketing here I think.

I wonder if there have been similar issues in the past. Right now, I just don’t remember any though.

It’s more of a thing where there’s a set “connector”, we use it, if not, we use “/”.

The issue with this particular example is that sometimes Brewdog bars don’t put the full beer name on the board/pump clip they just say “vs Bevog” or whatever.

What about the Brewery X Brewery names colabs?