Brewdog Waterloo

Yes this is a slide being installed at the new Brewdog Waterloo.

A friend is working on it so I’ve seen designs. The entire place will be huge, probably too big… on site brewkit, restaurant and many new features such as this slide between floors.

Regardless of your views of BD (don’t feel you have to offload your comments again) this will be something completely new and different to London.


Yes aware of this … and the slide … although the press releases i have read said over two levels as in the old Eurostar area at Waterloo … but there is a basement / cellar level throughout the complex.
Have been following this as Waterloo station is about a 7 minute walk from my office in an area that isnt a beer desert but theres not a huge amount around.
Does your friend know if they are on track ?
All the press releases ive seen have simply stated July-September for opening.

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Ah maybe that’s where I got confused when he said they were working on 3 levels.

No currently 6 weeks behind. James paid £100k to airfreight the brewing equipment over so they could meet the deadline. Now it’s sitting in storage due to other hold ups!

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