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BREWER PAGE Feedback / bugs Update

@aww @services
For the Admin Editing tools in the beer entries of the brewer page, could you make the Edit page and Edit picture pop up in a new windows instead of loading in the same window?

This way, it would prevent having to click BACK several time (especially for pictures since the URL sends us to the homepage instead of sending us back to the page we were) and to save us all the loading time + filter application + second loading time of the new brewer page.

So, let’s see what we got.

Visibility - extremely lower than before
Pics - are there. So tiny and irrelevant that they might as well not be there, which would probably help with the whole loading slow thing.
Own score - much harder to see than before, stupidly formatted to boot.
Retired or not - greying out the entry slightly would make for a much more striking visual effect than this.

Editing options - worse than before, the new system requires more effort and precision.
If beer’s verified or not - functionaliy and visibility retained.

We got tiny fonts, lower visibility, worse layout and a lot of free space. Yay.



Some different tinting for beers brewed for another brewer would be of immense help too. say, very light blue?

No need for the client brewers to have the same tinting as it would go over “all” their beers.

I would suggest:
Full reviewed beer: Yellow-coloured background
Quick reviewed beer: light-blue-coloured background
Retired Beer: Greying out the entry + the current RETIRED mention
Client Brewed beers should be in a different tab…

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on R8.Beer (beta Ratebeer) right now:

Default A-Z sorting reintroduced.
My Ratings sorting added (but no My Ratings dedicated column).
Clickable Column titles to change the sorting option (like before).
Top page Region URL shorcut fixed.

(note to @aww @services : before you release this… clicking the Score, Average Total Ratings columns should give you Highest to lowest by default first, not the other way around, same with Added, it should be newest first… CORRECTED

also Name↑ should be Z-A and Name↓ should be A-Z, currently they are reverse)

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@aww @services
I see that you seem to have worked on this on R8.beer:

You have rated X beers from this brewery

It now seems to display the good count of beer no matter the Sorting and Filters.
However, there’s still some problems:

  1. The count changes if you include a Text Search.
  2. The count is different from our Top Rater count because you include Brewed By/For beers in it… is it intented? If yes, I think it will cause confusion (this is why you should display Brewed By/For beers in a completely separate tab)

Also, you tried to correct the WEBSITE URL bug, but now, in the brewer editpage, if a brewer URL was already entered with the http: in the name, this result in having faulty URL again. example:
Edit brewer page: www.mabrasserie.com
Brewer page link: https://www.mabrasserie.com/
Edit brewer page: http://www.hillfarmstead.com
Brewer page link: https://http//www.hillfarmstead.com

I haven’t read every post here - it’s too damn depressing! So apologies if this is a repeat. My iPhone 8 will not display the new brewery pages properly, there is no ‘Add a beer’ button and no filter options at all. Tried Safari and Chrome and tried both in desktop mode - nothing. Just a random list of the beers, associated places and top raters. This is as about as much use as chocolate teapot. Fortunately Android appears to work in desktop mode.

For the moment, you should find these options after you clicked on SHOW MORE which can be found AFTER the default displayed beers on the page.

Agree with others here that the new brewery page is very slow. I also don’t like the default sorting by score, it’s not something that concerns me; name or date added would be more useful for me personally. On that note, could we not have a “default sorting” option in account settings?

To reiterate the slowness, checking breweries with more than a handful of beers takes a while to load, especially when I have to scroll to the bottom of the page to increase the number I can see. Again, can this not be an account setting?

Some improvements noticed, but viewing from my PC with Crome, my rated beers are almost invisible, but if i view my screeen from a sharp angle, I can see there is a weak yellow tint on my rated beers. Would it be possible to highlite more, or why not as it shows up on IOS, with an orange triangle?

It’s supposed to change and they’re working on it… There will be a yellow background on all the line for beers we have rated.

And the change i do suppose will be from almost invisible to complet invisible.

I am old enough to stop believing in santa and the believe I have for the developers in RB is not any stronger than my believe in santa. And if they manage to fix it they for sure damage at least 3 other things.

Cheers @gunnar I am sure we find time for a beer together one of the days. And at least that beer will be visible in the glass at least for some minutes before we do our magic on it and make it invisible in the glass.

Today’s fix (2019-11-06) has fixed A LOT of bugs (see the list BREWER PAGE Feedback / bugs Update) and makes the brewer page finally workable again.
I would suggest to make the colour contrast way brighter/evident rated beers though.

@aww @services


There seem to have a bug with the A-Z listing when it features numbers. I don’t know what causes it is exactly.

@aww @services

Or could it be caused by a special character?

Here’s another example where there’s like a second A-Z list after the first one…

In this case, it seems to be a bug (again) with the ’ apostrophe special character… Some are found at the beginning of the A-Z list, some at the end depending of the type of language the keyboard has by default…did you change the apostrophe website default character recently?

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The recent update to the brewery page has made it much better than it was, though the lack of a column to sort my own ratings by and clearly distinguish them (in the way that the average column shows for example on desktop) is still a significant step back in my user experience. At least they can be sorted into ‘my rating’ order now, though that only works high to low, and if selected again whilst the arrow changes from pointing down to pointing up, the order does not change (though of the two, at least it gives me the option I’m most likely going to want to see ie the high).

And whilst on the topic of highs and lows, a minor irritant for me is that for the columns that do exist, to list by highest score, highest average or most rated beer you have to click the relevant heading twice. The first click brings up lowest score to the top of the list (or those with no score), lowest averaging (or those with no average), or least rated (or more often the aliased beers). Whilst in the big scheme of things, to double click isn’t the end of the world (there’s enough other things and people out there threatening that, but that’s a different story) but as RateBeer helps me forget about all that bad stuff going on, I’d really like it to be changed as I don’t get the design logic which gives me on first click the lows and blanks rather than the highs.

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@aww @services

Could you sort the the NAME using this order?

A-Z first
0-9 after
special characters at the end.

This way, collaborations (BREWERNAME1 / BREWERNAME2) would end up in the end most of the time

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Seems not fixed ?

Thats the way they fix it. Less to read. Much easier that way. :innocent::grin:

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