Brewer teaches organic chemistry with tatoos

" Sims is the head brewer at Wynkoop Brewing in Denver and has 13 tattoos on his arms and shoulders that feature molecules important to the beer-brewing process. He started with ethanol (yes, error-free), followed by maltose and then several flavor compounds.
Reader Andrew W. Maverick, of Baton Rouge, La., brought Sims’s uniquely inked arms to the Newscripts gang’s attention after a recent visit to Wynkoop. “John is very knowledgeable about the chemistry of brewing,” Maverick writes. “He may have taught more people more organic chemistry than most of us chemistry professors.”"

Too bad that the few beers of theirs I drank didn’t impress me.

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Many seem to agree. Likely comparatively great when it began, but failed to move on. Still, beer and food seem to be good enough for it to survive.

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I prefer their sister company, Coopersmiths. I am still very fond of their Punjabi on cask.

Need to get back to Denver.