Breweries in California

California Craft Brewers Association just realeased the number of brewers at 980, and then olso there are non mebers of this in addition.
At RB at the moment there are 813 active breweries in California.

Then there are a lot of missing breweries and then a huge amount of beers missing at RB.

I have said it before and this makes the point.
The active userbase at RB is to low to get all new beers entered.
In California the active userbase is now so low that here are a huge number of breweries olso missing.

Despite this I will stay here on RB, beacuse this is the best place for me at the moment.


Yeah, here in San Diego I can think of a handful that have been active for well over a year that still haven’t been added to the database.

Helia in Vista is among those missing.
I will enter it eventually when i come to it in my backlog
Those 2 beers i had from Helia was solid from a newcomer

Coming back to Vista and San Diego in November

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And what are you wasting your copious spare time on? Drinking beer?

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I add what I drink, and sometimes if the breweries missing I leave it in my backlog until someone else adds the brewery. If In-Bev wants to write me a check to do more than that I’m all ears.