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Breweries on Cruise Ships!

How many ships have these? Anyone know?



I would suggest adding under the ships home port.

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Or we could just float the idea?


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It might sink or swim!!

Not at a ship, but you need boat transport to Barentsburg. Or, snowmobile during wintertime. We have registrated this brewery under Norway, but it is Russian…

Why should it be Russian? It is on Svalbard and the archipelago is Norwegian.

From Wikipedia:
Under the terms of the unique Svalbard Treaty of 1920, citizens of signatory countries have equal rights to exploit natural resources, and as a result Russia, along with Norway, maintains mining operations on Svalbard. However, as Svalbard is under Norwegian sovereignty, the Russian government is represented in Barentsburg by a consulate.This is the northernmost diplomatic mission of any kind in the world. Consequently, the town has a Norwegian postcode, 9178. Similarly, it uses Norwegian telephone numbering

Yes, Svalbard is Norwegian but the Russians are allowed to run their mining operations. Russian brewery on Norwegian land! A place I must visit sometime :grinning:

By ratebeer standards this cruise ship definitely needs to be its own country.


Why not brewing on board an aircraft? I would love to order a flight :joy: :joy:

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Not necessarily - because cruise lines move the ships from time to time - UNLESS all a lines ships have the same home port - here’s the example from Carnival:

Year-round home ports: Baltimore; Charleston, S.C.; Fort Lauderdale; Galveston, Texas; Jacksonville; Long Beach; Miami; Mobile, Ala.; New Orleans; New York; Port Canaveral, Fla.; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Tampa; Sydney

Seasonal home ports: Ensenada, Mexico; Honolulu; Seattle; Vancouver, B.C.; Barcelona

Their headquarters is in Miami, FL. So for Carnival that would likely be appropriate.

Maybe we need a new country then. “Sailing on the seven seas”?

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Now, should Cunard be added as a Commissioner. Normally against adding every random company that commissions a beer as a brewery. If they were still registered as a company in Southampton another Hampshire brewery tick would be tempting… but having said that they’d be Bermuda ticks now😁


Of course, due to the current pandemic, they are now being sold direct by Dark Revolution who brew em.

Well, we have this rateable place: https://www.ratebeer.com/p/easyjet-on-board-luton-airport/70030/

So I don’t see why we couldn’t have an ‘International Waters / Airspace’ country :slight_smile:

Why not just delete a place entry like this?

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Or put it down as wherever EasyJet headquarters is?

I haven’t got a place rate for Bedfordshire @jjsint , but I have flown with EasyJet from Luton! Tempted, but not quite that sad for a new regional review stat.


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Unbelievable! It’s gone now.


Something that must be remedied post-COVID!

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Yes, I have a strange core through England that shows I haven’t reviewed any places on here from Leicestershire (through Northants, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire) down to East Sussex with only London having reviews. I noticed it last year, but been unable to rectify the problem for some reason!


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