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Brewers: Add a Link for Online Order

I don’t know if it could be possible to add a second Link (next to website) especially for Online Orders on the Brewer page since many brewers now added it(and probably will keep it post COVID). Many of those Order Sites have a different url than their website.

Best to just make sure the “beer by mail” page is in good shape

what exactly is the Beer by Mail page?


Probably this old page?

Dude, you just found some artifacts :stuck_out_tongue: it’s totally outdated and probably isn’t used since a long time…

I am working on closing retired places on the list for the US.

Hahahah. love the bug where the breweries get marked and meaderies, and then the entire list for that country below a brewery is marked as a meadery.

But it’s good to clean up some epic bullshit that was added to some places.

Also, this clearly demonstrates the need for a delivery option that isn’t out of state or international - Delivery - Local would be cool too, especially these days.

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This is an awesome idea, but not sure it is doable because of the little yellow thing in the upper right corner…

The US has three listing for meaderies. Do we have the ability to merge these three sections or turn one of the sections to Online Beer Delivery Only?

What are the urls?

Anyway, to be relevant now, the choices should be:

ONLINE ORDER no Delivery (take-out only)
ONLINE ORDER local Delivery
ONLINE ORDER International/Interstate Delivery

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Lovely idea I must admit…we should be able to order for drinks online… It now boils down to when the admins will implement this function.

This is a nice idea, but there is a potential issue. Breweries are either up or down. Only one potential change as to producing or not. Online ordering is up, down and all around. Keeping the “mail order page” was/is a major challenge. Multiplying it by how many numbers? And keeping them all up to date? Hmmm

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