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Huh… found it. Somehow, it was entered without a state. Fixed:

The search sucks ass right now for new beers and breweries. Had to find a brewery a friend asked me to fix last night through country search, as neither search nor google found it. @services @joet - was there any tweaking recently? Something might have b0rked,


Real pain. Thanks. I ended up finding it through the admin functions, but it’s still not searchable for people to rate. I have 2 more breweries to add but might just wait on those for the time being. @services


@services @tjbiddle @joet

Any update on this? I’ve had two other local users ask when I am adding these new breweries so they can rate what they’ve had. I’ve obviously added them but they are unable to be found other than through the “verification” side of the admin functions so for all users (even myself) they are unsearchable. Thanks!


So updates have been made so that beers can be indexed/searched. let me test to see if brewers can be found too


Looks like these are being indexed now too


Thanks Joe. This fix is much appreciated :+1:t2:


I’m not at all familiar with this brewery and only came across it due to BrewDog’s collabfest but it looks to me like
is a duplicate of
they have the same address and details.

and therefore https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/seasons-green-cow-ipa/483091/ should be deleted and the rating moved to https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/seasons-craft-green-cow-ipa/152775/

  1. https://www.ratebeer.com/brewers/neon-raptor/27793/
    Twitter link needs fixing

  2. https://www.ratebeer.com/brewers/duration-brewing/37518/
    Facebook link needs fixing


There should be a comma after “Tori vald” in this place’s address:


Otherwise it messes up ratebeer’s location service and tells me this brewery (in a neighbouring country) is 20,000 km away. :grin:


Weeeell, wouldn’t rely on the location service anyway. Added the coordinates by hand, much more elegant.


The website link for Ægir Bryggeri doesn’t work


It should be…




This brewery should be removed:


Because it’s a duplicate of this one:


The ratings for Светлячок and Неправильный мёд should be merged into Volkovskaya Svetlyachok and Volkovskaya Nepravilnyj Myod (4%), respectively.

Wolf’s Alabama should be renamed Volkovskaya Alabama.


It would be good if you could rename this brewer to Bochonok. The (???) just looks stupid.



These two breweries are the same:



We should probably keep the one with the address and the correct date of establishment (2016) but rename it to “Crazy Brew”.


This place is not a brewery:


It’s actually a winery that makes a couple of ciders. I think it should be recategorised as a cidery.


Thanks for making those fixes!


https://www.ratebeer.com/brewers/plan-beer/37405/ is missing location data

Website: https://www.planbeer.ro
Twitter: planb_eer
Address: Iuliu Maniu 7, Apaca, Sector 6, Bucharest

EDIT: I see this has been taken care of now. Thanks whoever also added the descriptions with diacritics to their beers and fixed the missing ABV, I forgot to post those in the other thread.


This brewery shut down in 2012:



No wonder, they weren’t making any beer.


This brewery is also closed according to a guy who visited the site of the brewery earlier this year (http://gulikbeer.com.ua/bakı-baku/bakı-pilsen.html):