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Fixed, expanded, added a place entry for Makemake.

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Future Brew have changed their name to Immediate. They don’t mention the old name on their website but old posts on their Facebook page still have photos of the Future Brew brews.

Also now have a different address:

Third Avenue, Southampton, SO15 0JX

They are selling a Pale Ale that differs from the two old FB beers so suggest they could be retired?

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There you go.

And, as bonus

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I’ll be ordering that at some point.

This should be a microbrewery, added wrong, sorry:

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No worries, fixed, went to fix a couple of places around it… and then I ended up in a MT rabbit hole somehow.

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Looks like someone left their caps on when adding a bunch of beers at this brewery. Not a huge deal, but if anyone is feeling in the go-getter mood…

A year late to this one, but Stone & Wood sold out to Lion/ Kirin a year ago. They - through their Fermentum group - also owned Two Birds, Fixation and maybe some others like Forest for the Trees.

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Fixed. Meanwhile, 10 years earlier: A declaration of independence... - Stone & Wood

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Yeah, not pretty. Have to feel for Two Birds and Fixation, who went under the Fermentum umbrella and ended up elsewhere without a paddle. I believe Tom from Fixation left Mountain Goat because they sold out. And now what?

Not sure I’m really allowed to give a professional opinion on this, but really: don’t kid yourself you can be medium sized (or growth-driven for very long) in the beer industry. You really can’t.

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Nomadic have snuffed it.

As have Jeffersons:

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These two breweries have closed:

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Nomadic - closed.

Jeffersons should be closed at the end of the month, they will still be around and have releases.

And they say they will be brewing for summer events. Hm.

@DeanF - closed the breweries and the related places.

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This lot appear to have ceased to exist mid 2021. No updates on social media and their mailorder website no longer exists. People complaining in mid 2021 that they ordered the mystery beer box and received 10 cans of the same own brand beer.

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I just added this brewery:

Already it’s been marked as Out of business, and the one beer I added as Retired - not sure why, their socials indicate they are still active, the most recent Facebook post was in August, and says:

"We’ve been a bit quiet on the socials recently…been mega busy with events,weddings and festivals.

Also working on a brand new recipe that we’re brewing next week!!"

Had their Pale Ale at Shrewsbury CAMRA Beer Festival a couple of weeks ago

@imdownthepub can you please advise?

It appears to me this dissolved OVER BITE BREWERY LTD filing history - Find and update company information - GOV.UK ( to create this THE LODGER EVENTS LTD overview - Find and update company information - GOV.UK (

I went by this. OVER BITE BREWERY LTD overview - Find and update company information - GOV.UK

Not sure why there is a sudden movement on the brewery now unless the receivers are shifting stock. Something we will have to keep a eye on.


Goose Island Brewpub London is RIP. Pub sold.

Added this cidery:

And then realised it’s on here as Culeaze Lodge so can the one I added please be deleted.

I guess the Culeaze Lodge link may have been more obvious in the past but they just seem to be called Lulworth Skipper Cider now, as per their website.