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This brewery closed in 2020:

The last post on their Instagram has the details for validation:

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Same brewery. Please merge:
B&B Craft Beer (
Birra & Blues (

This brewery is from Andalucía, not Valencian Community:
Guadalquibeer (


Whilst it is technically correct that this lot are a commisser, amending them to a cidery would mean they appear under the correct list? I.e. they’re not a brewery.

(Or the ciders could just be transferred to Palmers - are they a brand or a separate company?).

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Having used it as a separate brand name for a short period, West Berkshire Brewery is now changing its name to Renegade Brewery:

This pub has a rebadged beer from Downlands. I don’t really see that it’s appropriate to have it on here as a brewery. We’d be adding every pub that has rebadged GK bitter as a brewery.

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Have just added a new England, County Durham cidery:

But for some reason (most likely because I forgot to add a county!) it’s not showing up in County Durham, could the County please be added as County Durham


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This brewery is certainly in Washington state, not alabama

Also have to add the place, was just there, so I can confirm it exists.

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Whomever entered it forgot to ensure the region was set so it defaulted to Alabama. I’ve also added them to places here: Hop Chaos Brewing Company • RateBeer


Website no longer exists, nor does social media, so suggest this commissioner has snuffed it. Also no recent UT rates.

This brewpub reincarnation of Kew Brewing closed a while back - lasted less than 12 months or so:

This lot’s website and social media are now all dead. I note that Google also has them down as Permanently Closed.

Canopy have announced they are closing in Decemebet once their existing stock has been sold.

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Thanks @Marko , here are some details about the Mornington/ Tar Barrel thing mentioned in the beer corrections thread.

Mornington Peninsula Brewery started at the Watt Rd address, which is brewpub place with a couple of visible brewing vessels, a bar, pizzas etc.

They “joined the family” of Tribe, one of those “a few craft breweries together” deals. This seems tangled up in the Stockade/ Brewpack contact brewing/ brand thing which includes Mornington, Stockade but also Pabst Blue Ribbon (!). I’d guess some or most Mornington Peninsula beers are not longer brewed in Mornington (perhaps not in the state).

But the Brewpub is very much still there and under the Tar Barrel name:

TAR BARREL Brewery & Distillery has seen Matt Bebe and Andrew Gow reunite to continue producing award winning craft beers at 72 Watt Road Mornington. And now with the introduction of a whiskey and gin distillery it has widened their ability to offer more crafted taste experiences. The venue will also maintain their belief in the Spirit of Local, having both core and specialty beers on tap to enjoy alongside the famous wood-fired pizzas. Local wines and spirits ensure all are catered for. A destination not to be missed.

The two named were behind Mornington Peninsula at the start. When I was last there they served Mornington Peninsula beers plus a couple of brewpub-only (ish) beers. I’ve only seen these beers there and at a couple of shops on the Peninsula (a semi-rural region about an hour out of Melbourne).

I’ve added a few of these Tar Barrel beers. All of them have a label that includes both the Mornington and Tar Barrel logo and call themselves things like “Mornington Cloud the Picture \\ Hazy Pale”. You can see a few pictures over at the other place.

I might be the only rater of these beers so far. I added them as under Mornington Pensinsula, but now wonder whether they should have a (Tar Barrel) after their name or be under the Tar Barrel name under the Mornington Peninsula brewery. I don’t think they are really a separate entity (as UnTappd seems to think) but that their versions of their Imperial Stout and Commonfolk Brown might be different beers. I note that they seem to be now producing a (different) core range at Tar Barrel.

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Here’s another complicated one.
This place in Spokane, Steam Plant, still brews beer on premises, but they are contracting the grain shed to make their beer. Some of these seem like the same beers – AKA I had the Purple Egyptian at Grainshed location down the street.

What we should probably do is change the name of Steam Plant brewery

And maybe join it with Grainshed brewery, which doesn’t have any beer listed?

And maybe retire the old beers at Steam Punk under that name, or change them all to Grainshed? Or just do it piecemeal? I know for example. that Purple Egyptian is now done by grainshed.

Then again, the bartender at the grainshed taproom was a little vague on details.

Here’s more info though: Redirecting...

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Wouldn’t this be another client/contract brewer relationship? I’ve been to Steam Plant. Nice building, beer was so-so

ya, probably. Kind of weird since the people who own the brewery are contracting the brewing out to other people. Usually the client is the gypsy brewer, not the other way around. I also think Grainshed has its own brewing equipment somewhere separate.

Ya, grainshed beer was just so-so as well, not sure if they were always making Steam Plant’s beer.

So, from what I gather - Steam Plant as such RIP’d during COVID. Got bought out, reopened, and partnered with Grain Shed, which moved its production to their place.

Set up the GS beers as The Grain Shed brewed at Steam Plant. Retired the old Steam Plant beers as 0 of them exist still. Untappd has tens and tens of duplicates here. Nothing to make fun of as we on the other hand have 1 rating for any Grain Shed beer currently. :sigh:

Changed Steam Plant (which had a duplicate brewery entry which I killed as well), to Contract Brewery, as it is technically - not sure if I should change The Grain Shed to Client Brewery - I probably won’t.

Purple Egyptian was always done by Grain Shed from what I understand btw.

This brewery is shutting - see their Facebook page:

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Ooof, will need a reminder at the end of the year. Skipping it for now.

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Found this:

“Having sold the brewery he started with a group of mates and eager investors to Tribe in 2018, Matt’s story is a unique one. It’s seen him go from brewery owner, to running Mornington Peninsula Brewery as part of a larger business, then back to venue owner, brewery owner and now distiller too.”

Yeah, Mornington Peninsula was started by those two, first at 72 Watt Road in Mornington, then expanded to a production facility at 20 Latham Street. In 2018 everything got sold to Tribe.

In early 2020 the Watt Road place ended up being Tar Barrel - still making some Mornington Peninsula stuff as well - but that appears to have become just “Mornington”. So can be added as Tar Barrel Mornington etc… Recently they got rid of the Mornington thing as well.

The Latham Street place got closed at the start of May 2020, sold to Hop Union in August 2020.

Do you have any MP beers around? Would be interested what’s on the label as the brewery.

Tar Barrel is definitely a new entry, and a bunch of stuff may be moved there. Mornington Peninsula… well… huh - depends on where it’s brewed now.

I’ll act on it when I can focus.

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Thanks @Marko . That Crafty Pint piece explains my creeping puzzlement (and certainly fits with my views about what sort of business types are viable in the beer industry - but that’s another story). I will get some and see what Mornington Peninsula beers say on the label these days.

Essex Street was retired. They’ve now started brewing again but were not unretired. To complicate matters they have changed their name to Temple Brew House (admittedly the brewery and the pub having the same name seems a good move).

However they have now been added again as Temple Brew House. Presumably the original brewery should be unretired and the name changed as it is not a new entity.

Picked up a beer in Home Bargains today. Thought it may be one of their own brand beers but there’s a full address on the back, in Scotland.

I then noticed that someone else had already added a different Glen Cannich beer but under Home Bargains and brewed at Glen Affric.

So I did some googling and I can see references to the fact that the guy who owns Glen Affric bought a disused hotel up in Scotland back in 2018 and intended to open a brewpub there. So has that happened? Dunno - I didn’t spot anything on line.

I added the beer I bought directly under Glen Cannich, although I note l that it also stated TJM Ltd Belfast. So brewed for HB, a joint venture. Who knows?