BREWERS: Issues Reporting - Please Post Here for modifications

Pictures pls, might help. :smiley:


“Glen Cannich Brewery” is listed as owned by the same person as Glen Affric.

In fact, looking at Glen Affric’s web page, it would appear that their labels list both a Glen Affric - Cannich and a Glen Affric - Wirral brewery.

I’d guess it’s a new plant. Anyone willing to contact Glen Affric? :wink:

Current can of Mornington Peninsula Pale, bb 6/23. A can of their “Free” also had the Watts Rd address.

I also picked up a can of what is labelled Mornington Room Service \\ Belgian Strong that I haven’t entered yet. The back label looks like this:

So the idea that this separation is in progress but not yet quite done looks sensible. Let me know if you need more information from me.

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Oh what a mess. Catching any Mornington Peninsula beers saying anything else than 72 Watt Road is what we would be looking for. What I wonder is if the entire Mornington Peninsula range is actually brewed there…

Drank the beer. Still pretty good. Being a little bit suspicious about it, it doesn’t say brewed AT Mornington Peninsula Brewery 32 Watts Rd, it says brewed FOR Mornington Peninsula Brewery.

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Do the date stamps have the same layout?

Hmm. There is no date stamp on the Tar Barrel Room Service.