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Pictures pls, might help. :smiley:


“Glen Cannich Brewery” is listed as owned by the same person as Glen Affric.

In fact, looking at Glen Affric’s web page, it would appear that their labels list both a Glen Affric - Cannich and a Glen Affric - Wirral brewery.

I’d guess it’s a new plant. Anyone willing to contact Glen Affric? :wink:

Current can of Mornington Peninsula Pale, bb 6/23. A can of their “Free” also had the Watts Rd address.

I also picked up a can of what is labelled Mornington Room Service \\ Belgian Strong that I haven’t entered yet. The back label looks like this:

So the idea that this separation is in progress but not yet quite done looks sensible. Let me know if you need more information from me.

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Oh what a mess. Catching any Mornington Peninsula beers saying anything else than 72 Watt Road is what we would be looking for. What I wonder is if the entire Mornington Peninsula range is actually brewed there…

Drank the beer. Still pretty good. Being a little bit suspicious about it, it doesn’t say brewed AT Mornington Peninsula Brewery 32 Watts Rd, it says brewed FOR Mornington Peninsula Brewery.

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Do the date stamps have the same layout?

Hmm. There is no date stamp on the Tar Barrel Room Service. [edit] which I’m adding now as .

Picked up some of their new pale. On this one it is clearer that Tar Barrel should be read as the brewer and there is no Mornington Peninsula Brewery name or logo.

This place just closed today:

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Thames Side Brewery have moved. They in fact moved to a new location a couple of months ago and it turns out that they were in fact tenants of that bar, The Last Hop. Thames Side then unexpectedly announced that they had raised the issue of ending the agreement and Last Hop told them to leave with immediate effect. Last Hop are going for a modern craft style, whereas TS are all about the twigs. I wondered if this was the issue and someone at Egham told me that this was indeed the case. So Thames Side have actually moved extremely quickly and have a new brewery and tap open within about a month. I think the place is a new development so like other local ones I suspect they were desperate to fill empty units.

It was such a short period that I am not sure the last address was actually updated on here. The newer new address is:

1 Hale Street, Staines, Surrey, TW18 4UW

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Bloody hell, they changed 4 venues in a 1 mile radius in 3-4 years.

Fixed, expanded the description, added a new place entry (to be enhanced by whoever visits it).

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Doubled up:

I have been intending to visit one of their locations and never got around to it. However I o lyhave been to Staines twice in the 10 years I have lived nesr to it: the only place some kid’s film was showing and for an out-of-hours vets appointment. One day though, one day.

A very minor point - the name of this brewery is misspelled, Montcalm has a T in it. It’s just that it doesn’t show up in searches:

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Please, merge:


It seems that Elveden Ales is brewing again, at least intermittently. Staff at the Elveden estate report that the brewer works one day a week or so. They have recently produced beers for the Thomas Paine Hotel (director is Gez Chetal, and according to Gez they brew the contract beers once for the winter (September) and once for the summer (May).

That’s what I was told a couple of years ago when I visited - whether there was a break in between I don’t know… It was the guy who ran Iceni. I note that Iceni are now listed as being based there.

TBH that one is a mess. I think technically they are brewed by “Iceni” as that’s the brewer. The brewery is onsite in one of the out houses. The brewer of Iceni is the father of I believe daughter who had Elveden Ale name sake. In fact, one of my few rates by them had Iceni on the label and others had Old Cannon, the stout and was brewed in 2019, bought in 2021. Which by the way was the only beer they had in stock at the shop onsite so pretty piss poor for an “active” brewery.

I’ll also note that I’ve retired and unretired Elveden Ale and Iceni both in my time in UK. So unless there is some substantial evidence from the Elveden Ale, they never replied when I emailed/tried calling, then I will put the new entry as brewed by Iceni who did reply he was still brewing.

Search for Elveden Ale in Company House

Search for Iceni Brewery:

2d Edit: The more I think about it they should just be straight moved to Iceni with name “Elveden beer name”. I will consult with other admin.

The bottle label says Elveden Ales, although the address is the same as the old Iceni address. If you want more info, contact Gez Chatel and he should be able to put you in touch with the brewer. In fact, they are supposed to brew the next version of the beer in May, Gez invited me to tag along, but I’ll be in Italy then. But if any of the admins are around and would like to get first hand info, I’m sure that would work.

BLUF: I will unretire Elveden Ale.

As @Grumbo probably told you I have been working this twisted labeling non-transparent brewing scheme Elveden Ale and Iceni have going for past 3 years.
I sent several messages to Elveden Ale no response, sent messages to Iceni who confirmed still open and brewing however couldn’t find any beer to purchase. I went to Elveden Farm and while mainly useless the staff told me someone uses the brewery kit but not sure they (brewery using kit) were brewing under Elveden Ale. The only beer they sold was a 2019 Stout with their name’s sake, this was 2021. I really don’t need to a hotel direct to assist me in get to the point I am already at the end of day. TBH way too many hours of mine wasted on a twiggy bitter average on their best day brewery.

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