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The funniest bit is them going “Backyard is now 52 Degrees” after 52 Degrees, already existing, being Grasshopper, got the assets after Backyard went into administration. And then them, though 52 Degrees still has the Grasshopper address officially, stating the Backyard address everywhere. XD

Let’s start with this. If someone finds out it’s brewed in another 52° brewery, we can move it:

Two local pubs have beers on from all the breweries at various times, though my suspicion is that it’s the same beer with 4 different pump clips. Not the first to do this, but using 4 different breweries is a bit cheeky.

Untappd has this well-establish Russian brewery as closed (and has marked all their beers as no longer in production):

No activity on their social media (Instagram) since 2021.

Seems to be dead. Tbh I was wondering why I hadn’t seen anything from on the shelves from them in a while.

Any ideas @alex_leit and @vinivini ?

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Yes, it looks like this story is over :disappointed:
I’ll try to find out the details through the owners of bars in Moscow.

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Sad but true, brewery is closed.

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A shame, of course, and they didn’t make it to ten years since their founding. Anyway, thanks for looking into the matter.

Suddenly not being able to get some pretty important ingredients probably didn’t help…

Looking at Untappd, the first release was December 2017, at Ballast Point locations in California. It seems to have been around Ballast Point locations in general, with just a few others in the US, until April 2019 when it showed up in Sweden. The Noble Hops in Redfern, NSW got it in June 2019, and that’s the first sign of the beer in that area. That’s roughly when you start seeing the beer pop up outside of Ballast Point places (linked perhaps to some goings on at BP itself? new batch?). Sweden, Australia, Guam, Taiwan, Singapore, some places in the US, Thailand, Mexico. Would guess that’s when TimE and Capa ticked it. The kegs appear to “dry up” exactly then, Feb-Mar 2020, with a stray keg each appearing to pop up at The Dutch Trading Co. in Perth in July/August 2020 and The Grotto in Ann Arbor, MI. in March/April 2021.

Spring 2022 - some kegs might have sprung up at Ballast Point locations, very few taps, so perhaps a keg each at 3 of them, if it’s a new batch, highly limited. All in all, all until this point were highly unlikely to be NZ-brewed, not impossible, but would be weird.

November 2022 - cans are released in NZ. Now called Rum and Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Sea Monster, with a note saying it’s aged for 15 months, indicating it was put in them roughly May, maybe June 2021.

Which of course doesn’t match news of Behemoth signing an agreement to produce BP are from September 2022 - with the BP NZ Facebook page opening in something like June. Was BP brewed there before? Seems to have been, unless they’re lying it’s brewed at Behemoth, which they probably wouldn’t.

Yes, the deal goes back a few years. The September 2022 announcement is for BP to brew Behemoth beers, but Behemoth had been producing BP beers for some amount of time that is longer than that.

I have just addes Fanham Brewing Co to the database. However it occurs to me that there could be some confusion because there is a Farnham Brewing that ceased trading in 2014. Wonder if it worth adding something to the new one to make it easier to differentiate?

This lot have taken over Craft Brew’a old site afte the latter were denied a new lease… all rather underhand. Anyway about 3 peole ever rated Craft Brews’ beers as they were only available from the tap so I would have said it’s not that likely that people will rate the new brewery. However I see that their beers have turned up in that London… ahh, one of the owners has a pub co in London and owns a few pubs including the Dean Swift.

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A bit of chat around the place (Melbourne, Australia) suggesting that the BA Sea Monster is only canned in New Zealand, not brewed or barrel aged there.

On another topic: Bonehead appears to have been placed in the wrong state - it should be Kensington, Victoria. This is their website.

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Colonial now call themselves CBCo (after consideration of the connotations of their name).

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Fixed, expanded the brewery entry, added a place entry for the brewery/taproom.

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Had this beer recently. However the brewery Lower Barn Brewing Compant is not on the site and does not appear to exist in the real world. No website or any info at all.

However, Inn Express Ltd - a cask beer wholesaler in the west midlands has Lower Barns in its address: Unit 3-4 Lower Barn Buildings, Haselor, Alcester, B49 6LX and has the brewery in its portfolio

So I’m guessing it’s a cheap brand name beer to sell to pubs.

I emailed Inn Express for more information on the brewery but got no reply.

What to do about the brewery listing. It’s not a brewery. Just a beer they buy in. So not sure how to add it without more info.

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Add as commissioner.

Wasn’t sure you could do that without the brewery

You can add under this:

Well, they present themselves as a brewery. We don’t know what they are exactly. It’s easy to add a brewery entry with just “Commissioner” there.


The blurb is weird, the photo below the guys is used on the Inn Express site as well. I’d bet that they are commissioners, or, at best client brewers. The same article this is in confirms that it’s Warwickshire (page 22-23).

There you go:

This one should be renamed to Tulsky Pivzavod (Baltika) to get rid of the Carlsberg association, in the same way as the other breweries have been renamed (e.g.

Durty beers are all brewed at Stewart Brewery while they get their own set-up sorted out