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Looks like Trailhead beers will be on throught the transition to include a post yesterday as well. This one needs @Theydon_Bois attention.

Oh yeah. One of Dropkick’s posts mentioned that those two beers sre the last two Trailhead brewed.

I’ve asked them about their own beer to which they have responded ‘very soon’.

Wight Knuckle have moved and no longer a brewpub:

New Farm, Nunwell

Brading, ENG, P036

Not sure if the Pilot Boat is still going.

BIG THANKS! Very helpful covering my ass (CMA) ! :wink:

Pilot Boat will continue as the brewery tap.

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Malbera? Why not just Heineken Romania?

From the only Malbera beer, Bucegi:

Still a brewery or just a brand under Ursus Breweries?

Hah, amusingly, that’s the third Bucegi recipe in 4 years. XD

Edited the brewery entry a little to be more precise and added new entries. Heineken appears to be stressing the Constanța plant as the main one for Bucegi, though it’s brewed at Constanța, Craiova, Miercurea Ciuc and Târgu Mureș.

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I bought a beer called Ocean Rocks Truffle Stout. The commissioner is Abalone Craft Beer and all “their” beers have abalone in them – this one is Black Lip Abalone and Black Truffles. Ocean Rocks/ Abalone Craft Beer does not appear to be associated with fellow abalone wranglers who are listed on RateBeer as being the brewer of beers, some of which sound the same as the Ocean Rocks ones and are also brewed at Red Duck. Kansom no longer mentions beer on its website.

How should this be reflected in the database? As a new commissioner?

[edit] Added them as a commissioner.

Could this one be marked as open please, I had one of their beers yesterday at Dorchester Beerex.


This one should be renamed to KONIX Brewery (Hoppy Union - Baltika) due to the nationalisation of Carlsberg’s assets.

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The region of this brewery is wrong

It should be Sverdlovsk Oblast (not Kabardino-Balkaria).

Source: Просмотр темы - Екатеринбург г, ООО «Монументал Крафт» • Форум коллекционеров пивной атрибутики и любителей пива


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Fixed Alibi )

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This brewery is closed according to UnTappd:

Some snooping around the internet shows that the legal entity that owns the brand is currently being liquidated, the shop that sold their beer is shut (same business address as the legal entity), and the brewery’s website no longer exists.

So it looks that it indeed has closed.

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Shut down in 2023

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This one closed in 2015


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The N19 postcode = Archway for this Greater London brewery:

This is a duplicate of a brewery that have been around for years. Looks like they’ve moved to Camden and changed name slightly.


This one doesn’t exist any more

Closed (went bankrupt in 2018):