Brewer's logo: Why so many brewer place pictures instead of logo

Why are people posting Place pictures as brewer’s logo instead of the real brewer logo? Isn’t it that clear?

Reminder: Upload an official LOGO for the brewery page not a PLACE PHOTO.

IMO,even for places, the Facebook / store logo seems more suitable than those tiny-tiny place pictures because at least they look fine when checking the Place page and the Map…

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If it’s a big brewer, logo may be best. However, if it’s a little brewpub, then the place photo would seem to be nicer.

Logo goes to the brewer entry, brewery pic goes to the place entry. That’s the rule.


Please don’t tell me this looks nicer and more useful than the logo…we can barely see anything on the pic…and the place can have changed look too…

The best way to handle it would be
Brewer picture : real brewer logo
Beer with no picture: auto use brewer logo
Place picture: 1. real brewer logo + 2. background page picture with the Place (like this FB page)

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In the early days of Ratebeer there was no rule and I understand that there was a push to get a photo of all breweries. Personally I prefer the logo but in the scheme of things it’s not a big problem.