Brewery Gazumping

Brewery Gazumping

I’ve noticed a new trend* down here in the true heart of England: breweries getting their premises snatched away.

Breach Farm in Dummer - someone posted on their FB page regarding a planning application for a new brewery on the farm where they were based. This was news to Breach Farm. A few months later they are told that their lease is not being extended. After they move out, their former unit is demolished and a new brewery is built on the site. The family that own the farm then announce that they are opening a brewery and tap having previously worked successfully on events with a homebrewer.

Craft Beers in Frensham - the trust that run the farm where they are located inform them that their lease will not be extended as the business is not suitable for the location. A few months later a new brewery run by ‘three local families’ opens in the same location. Beers on in London as one of the owners also owns the company that own the Dean Swift, and some other pubs.

So has this been happening elsewhere, I wonder.

Also occurs to me, despite the current economic climate and closures, people obviously believe that small self-contained brewery/tap set-ups are a good business move.

*OK, not a trend yet as has only happened twice.