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Brewery page formatting problem

There appears to be a formatting issue with brewery pages. See the image – it’s representative of the issue based on many brewery pages.

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It has to do with column width on names. If the screen is widened enough, the beer name column condenses a bit. Maybe the number columns could be narrowed?

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@services, @aww, @joet, is this going to be fixed? Not very easy to browse through beers with the above formatting problem.


Brewery page has been now completely unusable for ages. Sorting beers and finding right beers from list is very hard. Why so much empty space? Why columns for number information are so wide and column for beer is something like 8 characters wide? Column for beer is ridiculously narrow and still they have to put beer style to same column to make things even more stupid. From my laptop I can see something like 2 or 3 beers from list at same time…


Just checked you can easily fit 15-20 beers with same information to same page and it is still completely readable… now I can see 2-3 beers

Thanks for the heads up. This is happening on every brewery page for you? What browser are you using? @mcberko

Getting it in Opera too

Awesome. I just checked out the fix on the staging server. It’s coming soon!

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Yes, every brewery page. I’m using Chrome. Cheers.

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We’ve been optimising the page on staging, you can view the progress here:

Shout out if there’s anything else that feels off. Thanks!

Well that page is ok, but other pages don’t seem to be. Example:


Still has the problem. As do other brewer pages I tried.

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