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Can we make it way more obvious which beers I’ve rated seems like that should be focus since main point of this site. Like big block shading or something on whole row. Would love at top something like you’ve had 27 of 137 available beers. Maybe even make then 27 smart so when you click it your list appears. That and obvious default to alphabetical and get rid of the see more nonsense.


I don’t mind the order of beers on the brewery page. For me the natural order wouldn’t be alpha but most rated or an algorithm of most rated and recently rated. As they are the most likely found beers. Alpha only makes sense if the brewery page as reference page then it makes sense I guess.

Either way allow users a default then we’re all happy.

We need the alphabetic approach to check out “entered or not”. The “rated or not” is a good filter too, but the alphabetic can also take care of that.


Im glad I cant see how many beers Ive had from a brewery anymore. Theres nothing we all love more than reduced functionality and less stats.


With every new version they make it more useless. This is finally the last straw for me. 10,000 ratings in and I’m just too fed up to bother here anymore. The arrogance, tone deafness and ownership issues made me stop being a paid member here a few years ago. But when I finally change to a paid account with Untappd it’s going to feel like a very well deserved “Fuck You!” To ratebeer. Adios.


You can do both and see what transpires. Who knows, maybe we’ll see pigs fly?

Not crazy about the new format. It’s especially terrible on mobile. I can’t seem to see how many beers I have had from a brewery unless I am in the top 6 (maybe I’m missing something?)


You an still see that stat. It’s on various stats pages.

It’s like they just roll stuff out without even testing it.

At the end of the day it’s pretty funny. I mean, If I fucked up this many times in my job I would have been fired like a decade ago.

Then again, RateBeer is a free service. I would be pretty pissed off if I was paying money for it.


But these new brewery pages are basically same format as Untappd.

The main difference being that I can’t see how many beers I’ve had (which is available elsewhere) and presumably fixable.

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65 beers brewed

You have rated 15 beers from this brewery


Above the line is a copy of part of the link below.

That’s on a PC using chrome

Yeah, it displays on a PC fine, but not on mobile. Which is strange, given that mobile is the most important platform.


So we’ll end up with all the same problems like multiple entries of beers? Even untappd has the option to show an alpha list and multiple sort orders. Though it also forces the stupid “show more” nonsense.

There needs to be a “no seriously, i want to see everything” button.


The new brewery pages have this.

Oh ffs. i assumed that alphabetical just wasnt default. but am i right its not there at all. HOW. Holy COW how can you not allow a list to be sorted alphabetically . The only thing you can predict when trying to find a beer in the list.

But Not being able to see if ive had it is a FUCKING pain.
Ok i can filter out to only show those ive not had.

But then how do i know if the beer im looking for is one ive had or not in DB

Such a fuucking pain

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goto brewery page

do Control F find in page, and you know what its not FUCKING finding beer i know exist for that Brewery WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON


I wish people would take a few minutes before claiming that everything is broken when they’re not. Click on the drop down, the first option is NAME. This is alphabetical.

Which beer?

you know i looked three times. before i posted and still didnt see it.

lots 71 bon bon

Barneys Marchmallow

Yet when you scroll down it the first one there.
Barneys Capital, again scroll down and its there.

Its like its not loading them till you scroll down