Brewery Rebrands

I spotted something earlier that made me wonder what percentage of UK breweries have rebranded in the last couple of year. Got to be a decent percentage and it has worked for the likes of Loka Polly.

In the last couple of months a few around here have done it… Wimbledon (and Park?) now pushing ‘craft cans’. Apparently average hote golde pushers Brightwater are at it next, which would be a complete change in direction. And a number of Surrey breweries launched lagers recently. However two Sussex breweries that formed in 2017 are pushing it. To be fair, Holler may have realised that Holler Boys was a bit of a shite name but 81 Artisan appear to be pretending to be a new brewery as of 01/12/18 and are presumably hoping no-one remembers their previous average output.

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