I just found this, did not know about it. Seems like many from RB are active here. Is this just a couple of dissatisfied «retired» members from RB or is this a serious competitor? I know that many use both RateBeer and Untappd. Anyone that use all three?


I joined a while ago, but have not populated it with any rates as yet.

Lots of names I recognise, most seem to be rating on both here and there, although some don’t bother here any more.


I use all three. Untappd for live check-ins and to keep up with what friends are doing, Brewver for the superior stats and here for tradition I suppose, and the forum.

Brewver needs a lot of work and volunteers to get the database correct. Some countries are mostly complete (Sweden, Germany, Japan) but many need work done to them.

It is possible to import both from RB and Untappd so easy to get started and unlike here everyone can edit a beer as long as it isn’t locked by an admin.


I use all three. I love Brewvers possibility to rate different batches and vintages.


If and when RB bites the dust, I will probably move there. I have an account already, but have not imported ratings yet because the styles were still being updated here.

I set up an account as a safeguard but have not imported my rates yet. I did export my rates and noticed that not all the details appeared to be included within the docs. Anyone else find this?

When did you export it? I got all my details over fine for all my ratings but nowadays I rate simultaneously on both sites so haven’t importers in a while.

So, many at RateBeer use all these: RB, UT, Brewver and Excel! The main reason seems to be the fear of that RB as a serious beer platform is dying. I guess 99.9 % of Untappd user, only have Untappd…


It was probably a year ago now. I just know I was at the office so prior to March!

I had some problems with my first upload before it allowed bb code and carriage returns. Deleted all and imported again and it worked fine then.

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I see Untappd more as a I was here when I had it and when. It has no serious statistics. It’s even difficult to just see what countries you’ve tried beers from.

I’m one of the rare persons who switched to Brewver and stopped rating on here. In my case I got mad like other about the constant ignorance of RB owner/programmer about what the community wanted. There are many examples in which the community discussed topics and even got asked about feedback only to ignore that completely - the (not so new anymore) app e.g. which took a long time to get the features people wanted or the constantly changing styles. It was a little, almost unimportant thing that caused me to switch: I addressed a bug that it’s not possible to search for GTINs anymore which was possible before (on the website, app worked). Two years after the feedback and several “when will this be fixed” questions later that topic was still ignored. It’s not (only) that it wasn’t fixed (still not working), it’s more that I felt ignored and not taken seriously.

It’s always hard to try something new, navigation is different and some functions are too but the main problem is to get all the old ratings over there. But as UT and RB export files can be uploaded there with two clicks it’s more than easy. That’s also a reason why a lot of people are using Brewver as well as UT/RB - it’s just so easy to import the ratings, even with time stamp and so on. That’s why the database of Brewver isn’t as bad as you would think regarding that the website is not even one and a half years old.

There are still important things missing there, small things like GTIN search (to refer to the reason I left :wink: ) and more important things like a forum or an app. An app is currently in development and I hope it will be released soon as I see this as a must have. On the other hand I’m happy to wait if a well tested app is the result - nobody wants another RB alpha app. It’s a mix between UT and RB regarding entries. Sake is not rateable but Shandy/Radler even if it’s n/a as well as (unfermented) malt beers. Batches and vintages are attached to the “main beer” and rateable but only count as a single rating in statistics. A thing it seems I have to live with is the decision to not seperate some regions like Transnistria or Nagorno-Karabakh.
Other things are already way better than on RB, talking e.g. about the numerous statistics or the breakdown to regions on currently 37 countries (In case I counted correctly). And, important for me: You get an honest reply to feedback/bugs.

I noticed that there are several RB users which are dissatisfied with current RB but most of them are still waiting for a final reason to leave.


That’s a painful thread Koelschtrinker. And I know it’s one of many. But I think things have stopped going backwards here in the last 3 months and there are some signs of life.

But I am another who uses Brewver as a lifeboat in case things collapse here and Untappd as an alternative.

Like others, I imported all my ratings to Brewver about a year ago as a safeguard. The site seemed to deteriorate after the inbev takeover, and concerns about site functionality from numerous users were either completely ignored or brushed off as unimportant. After about a year of little improvements and concerns still being ignored, it seemed clear that RateBeer was on the way out.

I still rate here out of habit, but it is disheartening the amount of users who have abandoned ship. I much prefer being a part of a site with no connections to a company like ABinbev, so will probably switch over to Brewver permanently one day.


Hi all,

Much like Koelschtrinker, former Ratebeerian and now full-time Brewver-ite. Ratebeer just hasn’t been the same since 2017 and I was looking for something. Another former ratebeer user invited me over to Brewver and I ended up just liking it better. It was suuper easy to import ratings (I imported my ratebeer and untappd ratings in October 2019 to Brewver) and most importantly with time and date stamps from when I originally rated them on ratebeer. I stopped rating on ratebeer around March of 2020 and haven’t looked back since. If there are any other Ratebeer users who are looking for something new give Brewver a shot. As I mentioned it’s easy to import ratings, the stats are amazing, visually the site is quite pleasing to look at and a lot of us are already over there. I’d love to have some more Americans on board as the site is quite European heavy right now. Always could use US Admin support as well. If interested feel free to reach out through beermail. I’m still in the ratebeer forums from time to time as Brewver doesn’t have a forum as of yet.

Of course jumping into something new is always a bit tough to navigate at first, but the site looks good and as Koelschtrinker mentioned an app is currently in development. Anyway hope to see some of you over there. I’m under same username as here (most of us are I think!).

Cheers and Happy New Year.



I have a Brewver account and plan to transfer my ratings at some point. I like the new features (some of which were proposed here) and stats. Visually it looks terrible to me (that glowing disco blue/green/cyan is horrendous), but I guess I can live with that if it’s functional. Looking forward to the app.

It’s true that RB has seen some improvements recently, but I’m not seeing the real change which would turn things around and make RB relevant again. Also I don’t see a business model in place which would make RB self sufficient. Because of that I can’t shake the feeling that one day some guy at AbInBev/ZX/wherever will just pull the plug.


Can someone tell a tech-idiot how to go about transferring ratings across please?

I think you’ll have to have premium membership before getting access to transferring ratings unfortunately…

Ah. Ok. I gave up premium a while ago.

Like @willisread said you need a premium account on RB (I think also on UT) to download your ratings as *.csv file. You can upload those on Brewver and it will convert your ratings into the Brewver format and assign it to the correct entries with original date stamp.
It was given away for free in October but I think that’s over now.

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