BridgePort Brewing is no more

Damn. I always loved their IPA when their brews showed up, sporadically, in town. To my mind, no other IPA resembled it.

Goodbye sweet nectar. :frowning:

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Years ago it was bottle conditioned. Was very close to cask ale.

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Still was the last time I had it. Just a wee bit of sediment. Seemed to make all the difference.

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They sold to a multinational that didn’t care. With that said, they had almost no buzz in Portland anymore. You could always find their beers in the grocery store, but they got caught in a stagnant period. We’re losing a lot of the older breweries now. Widmer just closed their pub.

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Gambrinus “cared” enough to pour a lot of money into capacity and the brewpub site. But no business is going to do a version of caring which involves the continuing loss of money without profitability in sight. But it seems fuddy duddy, old school business.

There’s a lot of back and forth on craft vs. bigger, but no single brewery, whatever the size, is going to keep on plugging forever with no profit in sight. Craft is cool because that’s what it is. But craft is still all about profit au fond. Gambrinus was sort of craft, size wise - it only owned Trumer, Spoetzl and Bridgeport. It just wasn’t craft attitude wise. No sense of excitement. If it had sold Trumer and Spoetzl and created Bridgeport venues in some major cities … Ah, the stuff dreams might be made of.


I’d like to have their IPA one more time. It was deeply unfashionable but nonetheless a good beer.


I bet that I can find a sixer somewhere

John’s Market

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