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Brno in June

Going to Brno with a few friends on the first weekend of June. I have no idea of what’s good. Any breweries (taprooms, tours), bars as well as restaurants are much appreciated!

The list on the site is actually pretty good. JBM and Ochutnávková Pivnice are (still) the top places. I prefered the Ochutnávková a bit more though. I also quite liked U Richarda (next to the castle hill) and Zelená Kočka Pivárium (although some of the beers werent in that good shape). There are also some newer places (like Craftbeer Bottle Shop & Bar), I just had a look at the menu when there and was not that impressed. But I guess it depends what they have on tap.

I did not like Pegas (also not the food).
How many days do you have? There is quite a bit to do :slight_smile:


Friday till Sunday. We do plan on trying a few places. :smiley:

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Ok, Brno is very very compact and most of the places are close to each other, or short walking distances away…


I’m doing Brno in May (only one day tho). Any other tips? Any good food tips? Any must visit touristy places?

Good morning everyone!

Just booked a 4 days trip to Brno for mid February. I saw this topic so I will write here instead of opening a new one.

I already had a look at the place section of the website and at the taplists available on FB/official websites/Untappd and noted down those places:

  • Rock 'n Roll Heaven
  • Pivnice U Tekutého chleba
  • Craft Beer Bottleshop&Bar
  • JBM Brew Lab
  • Ochutnávková pivnice
  • Pub u dvou přátel
  • U Tomana
  • Lisensky Pivovar

My question is, which place (apart from Craft Beer B&B) offers 0,2 pours?

I read on the web that most sightseeing are closed on Mondays, so I am planning to spend one day in Olomounc. Any advice for that town?

Furthermore, any user from Brno or sorrounding willing to share a beer or two in some bar?

Any other suggestion is very welcome.

Cheers :beer:

Yulbier once lived in Brno. Don’t know if he still is on here! Cheers

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