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Broken UX on several occasions

Hi everyone, I really enjoy this website but since the layout got changed, the UX just makes me mad. I’m using an iPhone6 on Safari, iOS 11something.

  • I can’t upload pictures of beers from my phone‘s library anymore. The site wants me to send an email or use various accounts I simply don’t use.

  • Zooming in on forms, makes reviews on phones quite a mess.

  • The site constantly wants me to use the app, a small banner on the top of the page reminds me everywhere I am on ratebeer. I have the app but simply don’t want to use it.

  • Furthermore this banner blocks everything on the top of layers, such as the close icon i.e. when I want to add barcodes.

If you want user generated content please make their journey smooth. Cause all this prevents at least me to do anything more than the necessary.

Plus: I just experience that this also counts for the forum :wink:

New form don’t zoom anymore, that was a good update, cheers for that. But the cursor is now completely off somewhere in the form but not at the end where I’m typing.

Hi @Fisler, are you still having issues using RateBeer on your iPhone? Please let us know if you are still experiencing usability issues!

Hi, the issue with the cursor still exists.

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