Is it a Dutch company?
They distribute the Tesla Gigabeer

Enter BrouwUnie as a comissioner?
I bet they do not brew themselves

If you look them up, they specialise in importing US craft beer. Beer Republic is their on-line brand.

It says on the GigaBier website that it is brewed in Berlin. BrouwUnie are just the distributer. So should be Tesla as a Commissioner, brewed at an unknown German Brewery?

Probably the “right” way to do it


But Telsa is an American company
So it will an American beer

Ha ha what a mess

Looks like they found the brewery…

Making it a German beer by brewery BRLO with name Tesla GigaBier in my opinion.

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So the next time you’re enjoying your GigaBier, see if you can figure out which brew from BRLO Brewhouse it’s from

Even an Alias?

Tesla GigaBier • RateBeer

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I’ve seen rumours it could be but again: only rumours…