Bruery Member club

Is anyone member of the Bruery member club? They’re just having a sale of previous releases and there are few I’d like to get my hands on. Unfortunately all the better ones are members only.

cc @GenDV138 @AdamChandler

Me. Not sure how I would give them to you though, as I would have to pick up in DC.

Can I pick them in DC as proxy? I’ll be going there after NYC.

Yeah, I think that should be fine. PM me.

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I think Donnie (@GenDV138) is relatively inactive at this point. Hopefully he’ll pop up his head some day soon.

He would bring a lot of the member beers to various tastings of ours.

I like a lot of the Bruery offerings, but the price of their various memberships was just too much for me.

Thanks a lot. All sorted out with the help of @mansquito. Splashed a small fortune on several bottles, but since it’s a special occasion what the hell.

@nimbleprop offered his help as well

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Sorry I didn’t reply until now. We’re still members of Bruery RS. I lapsed for 2 years but when they opened their DC store, I re-joined. We go down twice a year for pickups.

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