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Brugs Bierfestival

Gaat er nog volk op zaterdag naar het Brugs Bierfestival? Zondag kan ik helaas niet. Altijd leuk om wat biertjes te delen.

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Ik ga zaterdag - zondag kan ik ook niet. Mooi.

You guys seen a beer list yet?

I can’t seem to find one.


It’s OK, found it: https://www.brugsbierfestival.be/mobile/?page=beers&lang=en


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Ik normaalgezien niet

Ik ben er twee dagen - dank u thuishaven Brugge! Wel de slechtste dag gekozen hé Tim.

Het is bezwaarlijk een keuze te noemen…

Care to join the RB crew on Saturday? We’re at least 3 (ships, Ruben and me). We usually start in the big hall when it opens… We’re not hat hard to spot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just look beyond the Delirium fanboys…

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We are meeting Marcus and Bryony from Luxembourg, but if I spot you all I promise to sit and say hello!


Hope you guys enjoyed the festival more than I did. Saturday was ridiculous, far too many people in all three sites. Luckily Sunday was a lot calmer.

I have said it many times “Brugge does not need a Beer Festival, there are plenty of World Class beer bars to visit every day”.


Well, I got in early at the tower hall, to keep a seat. Once we finished up there, we were quickly able to score a cocktail table in the side tent on the market square, where we could continue our ticking, and at the Burg we had a garbage container to put our glasses on, that’s where we drew the line after 4 beers… :wink: I understand the logistics are huge for this festival, and it’s impressive they pull it off so well, but the facilities are bare to none. The lack of seating area is very annoying, especially if you take notes on paper…

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20,000 people over the two days apparently.

The seating problem has always been an issue at Brugge, no matter where they have held it. I have been five times now and always vow not to go again; it’s the International beer exchange with Rudy in De Bierboom that takes me to Brugge over the festival weekend to be honest.


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