Brunswick mumme

I read about a curious story about this lost german beer style, called the “Mumme-probe”. Basically, a certain amount of this malty beer was speaded on a chair and someone just took seat. If the chair was sticked to the person when he stood up this meant the mumme was of good quality.

Currently i´m preparing a lecture about german beer and i wanted to include a picture depicting this “probe”, but seems that no one is available on the net, or at least i couldn´t find any.
Someone can offer a helping hand with this?

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Far as I know, it’s a myth. Sorry!

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Yeah, there´s a lot of different stories being told of this beer, and the sources are unclear, but as long as i will be talking to an informal audience, this kind of stories are a good resource.
Thanks anyway!

the German wikipedia lists a couple of literature references, but I’m fairly sure these are not easily obtainable, unless you travel to Germany to the right libraries…

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There’s similar stories about leather trousers and beer from several countries:

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Nice link, and nice book (Stange tales of ale) by Martin Cornell also!! I love this kind of stories about beer!!

Will you tell them about the cock ale as well?

I´ll be focusing in german beer, sorry :grin: