Brussels February 2-3 (evenings only)


I’ll be in Brussels for FOSDEM on the first weekend of February.

I’m looking for suggestions of where to go. I like all sorts of beer and also like the quiet (Delerium bar was a bit too much for me).

I’m only available in the evenings on Friday and Saturday, so Insurance Against the Great Thirst is a no-go.

I look forward to your comments :sunglasses:

Dynamo is a must (plus it’s only two blocks from the original Moeder Lambic location). And Delirium is only terrible if you don’t go upstairs to the Hoppy Loft (though it probably won’t be quiet on a weekend; on the weekdays, it’s almost completely empty).

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Original Moeder Lambic is very recommendable; I was in Brussels on that weekend last year and actually met some FOSDEM visitors there, and Dynamo is right next to it and quite good as well.

Another one of my favourite places in Brussels is La Tana à Bruxelles.

I always recommend De Heeren Van Liedekerke if you have time. It’s a short train ride out of town with a nice walk from the train(though it might be colder in February.)

I was there on FOSDEM weekend last year, and we were kicked out at 5pm because we didn’t have a reservation and they were fully booked for the evening.

So if you go for DHVL, you might want to get a reservation. But it’s a really nice place.

Awesome suggestions everyone :blush: this will keep me busy for two evenings no problem.

Looking forward to it.