Budapest Beer Week 2019

Hi friends,
This time, it’s for real! Got Early Bird Tickets for both tasting sessions for BPBW 2019. Announced breweries were rather interesting so far.

Dunno how early we’ll go there (maybe Thursday already), but it’d be great to meet others!

See ya!


Good call there! I’ll almost surely be there on both sessions doing some volunteering (and tasting, of course) so it’d be nice to share a beer or two!


I was counting on you! :smiley:
Good to see that RB-members are involved as well, always nice to see that many of us are actually still part of the local community.

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Got my ticket for both sessions and probably will be in Budapest for more days.

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I’ll take it as a compliment :relaxed:

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Been a while since anyone posted here.
Was planning on going with my wife for the Friday tasting, due to work etc. will go going alone, insted both Fri and Sat tastings.

Haven’t told any of my Swedish IRL mates or any of the Swedish brewers, figured I’d do a bit of a surprise visit.

Arriving Thu evening, departing Sun around lunch.
Other than the two tasting events no other plans so far.