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Budapest Beer Week

yes, plenty of time for planning. I will have two months in Europe with nothing to do except visit pubs, breweries and festivals…

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No problems with that, but that car had better have a really, really high roof. :smiley:

maybe a sunroof

This sounds like a proper good time. I might use one or two vacation days for this, but I’ll only know around March.

I’ll be in Budapest from late Friday until Sunday and attending the Saturday session, the ticket is already in my pocket. Would be great to meet some rb folks there!

bought my Budapest tickets, both sessions…


OK, here’s my tentative schedule, open to suggestions for improvement:

21 May: fly into Vienna from Vilnius, train or bus to Bratislava
23 or 24 May: train to Budapest
27 or 28 May: bus to Zagreb
+/- 30 May: RateBeer car to Arrogant Sour Fest

Looks like there are plenty of people to meet along the way. Also looks like there are some good AirBnBs near Csak a Jó Sör - Only Good Beer

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l might just turn up with friends as well. Would be great to have a beer or thirty with all of you!

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I showed initial interest, sorry guys I am bottling out!

Just got too much going on.

Enjoy without me.


Is this still on the table for you?

I’m afraid it isn’t - swamped with work as we’re holding a big workshop the week after. Have fun you guys, I’ll have one on you on the balcony.

Thought it could be of interest for some of you, so below are the event for the 2019 tasting session and a link to the already confirmed breweries:




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