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Budapest Beer Week

Hey all,

although I’m well aware that Hungary isn’t quite Ex-Yu, but because of the relative proximity (and due to the lack of a “Central-EU” regional forum) I’ll post this here too.

So there’s gonna be this event in May called Beer Week in Budapest, involving tap takeovers, meet the brewer events and the like all week, with the main attractions being two grand tasting sessions on Friday and Saturday (all you can drink for a fixed price).
The already announced international breweries include names like Jester King Brewery, Pipeworks Brewing, To Øl, Lervig, Brewski, De Molen, Bevog, Tempest Brewing Co. and many others ( see full list here: https://bpbw.hu/breweries/), plus the most prominent names from the Hungarian scene, of course.
You can find more information on the official website and FB event:


I’d be glad to meet any fellow RateBeerians so don’t hesitate to drop me a line if any of you decide to come.


This is a really cool lineup, actually (though you left out the most interesting ones :stuck_out_tongue: ). I wish it was happening a couple of weeks earlier, though, because I’ll already be in Budapest for a hockey tournament.

Who are the most interesting ones, then? I’m genuinely interested as I’m still relatively new to the world of craft beer and thus it’s easily possible that I have different concepts of big names, haha.

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I would choose Mykonos and Golem over Bevog and To Ol, would agree with others. But I think @adamnowek has a bit different criteria.

Not sure if anyone from Croatia will be attending. I was considering attending, but chose some other festivals instead.

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Will see, hope to attend, but absolutely no idea if I’ll have the time…

@Iznogud nailed it :stuck_out_tongue: I’m in general more curious about countries that I know little about (you may have seen on other threads that my long-term goal is to get 100+ ratings for as many countries as possible), so the names that draw me in are the ones from Russia, Croatia, Greece, and Finland as opposed to the well-known brewers from the Netherlands, Denmark, and Spain. Not that the ones that the ones you mention aren’t great breweries, of course; I’m just looking for something for something a little different than the average festival attendee.

Either way, it’s good to know there’s active RB folks in Budapest now, so we should probably have a mini RB meetup at Csak a jó sör or Élesztő next time I’m in the city.

Yeah, it makes perfect sense actually.

If you happen to be in Budapest anytime, by all means drop me a line, I’d be happy to grab a beer or two. There might even be others willing to participate, although unfortunately there are literally a couple or so active RB users here in Hungary so I think there would be no need for table reservations, haha.

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Thanks for posting this: Budapest has been on my radar for some time and I’ve never been (yet).

I think the dates might be wrong for me, but once home in England I can check my availability better.


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It’d be awesome if you could make it!

Generally speaking, this festival’s a big deal for our small (at least by Western standards) beer scene in Hungary, I’m happy to bring it to anyone’s attention really.

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Not too sure I am capable of making anything ‘awesome’, but thank you for the thought.

Both Ryanair and Easyjet fly to Budapest from the UK, so no problem getting there at a sensible price. Just need to check a few things once I get home (late Jan).


Just a small heads-up: the most recently announced names are BrewDog, Amager Bryghus and Põhjala Brewery. An amazing line-up seems to be in the making.

I’ll be in Europe in early May, so there is a possibility I can stretch the trip a bit. It would be interesting to revisit Budapest.

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That would be good, we could have a few more together as you traverse the world.


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Not sure how stretchable is your schedule but there is also an interesting festival in Reggio Emilia weekend after Budapest

yeah that would be great

it’s on the radar.

OK. We should leave by car from Zagreb couple of days earlier (most likely Wednesday), hit some places on the way before arriving to Reggio Emilia on Friday. Let me know if any of this fits your plans.

Just a question… is the car full? :smiley: No idea what my schedule will be like though.

OK, I am in for both Budapest and Arrogant Sour Fest. So the car from Zagreb would be perfect. Marko can sit on my lap

OK, sounds great. I might even do Budapest but I’ll know that later on. Of course, we can do some crawls and brewery visits in Zagreb. But I guess there is enough time to arrange that.

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