Budapest/Bratislava/Brno/Vienna options

I booked a 7 night solo trip into Budapest out of Vienna in April. I’m traveling solo. I’m most interested in the beer culture and popular tourist sites.

I was thinking 3N in Budapest (I dont arrive until 8pm), 2 nights in Brno, 2 nights in Bratislava.

I’m pretty firm on 3N in Budapest but I’m struggling with the best option for the other 4 nights. I’m interested in Brno simply because I’ve heard about the growing beer scene and it is a little off the beaten tourist path. I also love fresh Czech Lagers. Traditional travel sites suggest only 1 day in Bratislava and maybe 1 day in Brno on short itineraries.

So…if you had just spent 3 nights in Budapest, where would you spend the next 4 nights knowing you had to fly out of Vienna at 10am on the last day?


It’s been 5 years already but I really loved Brno. we spent 2 days there (1 night) but drank lots of awesome throughout, feel free to have a look at my place ratings for Czechia if you want some inspiration. Haven’t been to any of the other places though, so can’t help you there.

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I visited Brno 2 years ago. I visited only this place:
and I liked it a lot! Back then I dont think that I would need more than a day to visit all the decent beer places in the city.

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Many years since I was in Brno, place rated all the places we went that was on RB, but can’t say what has happened since then.

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Bratislavas old town / city centre is very convenient to cover quickly by foot. You can cover a lot places on one day. If you are in Czech Lagers, go and check out

When I visited in March last year they were serving the beers from

For more locations just check the places section and you will see that everything is pretty central.


Wasn’t there a RB Euro Gathering in Bratislava a few years ago? Does anyone still have a link to the itenarary?

In 2012 but there was a new proposal for 2016:

Hanging out in Zyzkov drinking Kout is one of my favorite European memories. It is nice to hear Kout makes it to Bratislava.

Thats great to hear. When I have been to this pub (last stop of the night, not planned) I already was pretty smashed and I didn’t knew what I was drinking. Definitely need to revisit those beers.

No Vienna? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have been in Brno one and a half years ago last time, but I m actually going back this weekend, but not sure how much beer stuff I will do. I was actually rather unimpressed with most of the lager places that I visited from the RB list last time in Brno. Most taps were not in particular good shape. Some of the craftier places are quite good though.

If you like czech pilsner I actually would rather recommend Bratislava. In most of the places the taps are kept in very good shape. In general they have some very good lagers. I can give some suggestions on places to visit. Overall the big advantage of Bratislava is that it’s very compact, so a lot of places are walking distance from each other. In Brno places are more spread out and even more so in Budapest. Still, if you have more time there are more places a bit further from the center. There are also some nice craftier places, most of them opened during the last couple of years. Overall for me Bratislava is at least as exciting as Brno beer wise, maybe even a bit more so. Bratislava also has a good rb community, also some people from the business. I assume they would be happy to meet up with you, especially if you bring a couple beers to share :wink:

I haven’t been in Budapest for some years, so I assume lots has changed there in time, like most places in central Europe… Size wise, Budapest is a lot bigger than Bratislava or Brno, still most places are concentrated in the center though, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get around…

If you need some more tips, also none beer related stuff, write me a pm…

Yeah, Vienna. What aboot Wein??

I’d be happy to give a few tips on Budapest places or even meet and grab a few beers if you feel like!