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Budapest Craft Beer Week

Anyone attending?

I will be in town 24-27 May. Looks like there are lots of events around town in addition to the fest.

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There’s a thread about it here: Budapest Beer Week

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I live in BP so it’s safe to say I’m going to be in town in said timeframe, haha. Also, I’m going to the Saturday session with a friend of mine and @zlotta is attending that event too, if I’m not mistaken.

yes I’ll also see zlotta in Bratislava

Really wanted to come along to this, never been to the city (or country for that matter). Dates didn’t work for me though.


It was great to see some old friends in Budapest, to meet some new friends, and to see some friends I only recently met but do not yet qualify as old. Egészségére!

Zagreb next…


We have Budapest pencilled in for later in the year so couldn’t really justify doing this as well. Also, already done Berlin & Prague this year, with Warsaw & Bratislava coming up in June & July so rather needed a bit of time off the travelling. Zagreb is on the list too but not sure we’ll get there this year. Depends what good deals are about for November / December.

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