BUG - Admin deleting a beer with a Private Rate/Tick on

I’ve had a couple of beers I’ve been notified as being deleted recently that I have “Ticked” or Private rated but the email does not tell me the score I gave the beer. If it’s been a while I can’t remember so I have effectively lost that rate.

Can this gap in the system be closed in please?

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And go to the source, and let us admins see the ticks on beers :stuck_out_tongue:

Problem is that admins can’t see ticks on a beer’s page. So when we delete a beer, we only see after the deletion that ticks got nuked as well. Very annoying, both to the ticker who lost a tick, and to us who couldn’t do anything to prevent it (e.g. move the tick)

Excelent good work from RB team, that explains. I have myself also got ticks deleted and do not feel happy about that.