BUG Bad french translation in the Beer pages

Before - After
Brewed By - Brassé par
Served In - Service
Availability - Disponibilité
Show More/Less Information - Montrer plus / moins
Reviews - Avis
Friends - Amis
Show Private Reviews - Afficher les avis privés
I found this review helpful - Cet avis m’est utile
0 people have found your review helpful - Avis utile pour 0 utilisateurs
Spotted at - A été aperçu à
25 locations nearby - 25 endroits à proximité
Flavor - Saveur
Équilibre en bouche (bad translation) - Sensation en bouche
Fût (misleading translation) - Cask

Common Bouteille - Bouteille et/ou Canette (if not available, make it disappear)
Available Pression - Pression et/ou Cask (if not available, make it disappear)
Broad Distribution - Distribution: locale OR internationale

@joet @services @aww

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Er, shouldn’t it be “Brassée par”, considering that bière is féminin…

On the other hand, cidre is masculin.

Fuck. Brassé(e)? :smiley:

Probably Brassé(e) would be more precise since in french, Cider, Stout, Porter, Mead and a few other are considered masculine and most other beers are considered feminine.
Welcome to the suck :stuck_out_tongue:

But all of them are considered “product / alcoholic beverage” which is masculine…to keep it easy

Thanks for the clarification!

Still problematic @aww @services

The most urgent one should be to change the On Tap and On Cask Availability because right now, many availability are wrong because of bad translation.

On Cask should stay CASK in french and on tap should be stay PRESSION (
(Remove FÛT because for us in Qc, EN FÛT means having a beer on tap or having a barrel-conditioned beer, aka FÛT DE “Something”, but definitely not having a beer on CASK)
On Tap should be Pression