BUG: Beer/Brewer/Bar Search in Forums doesn't work

Hello there,
Since yesterday, I can’t use the global Beer/Brewer/Bar Search in the forums anymore. When I hit enter, it just loads the forums anew.
Anyone else have the same problem?

It’s been one month for me now. And I know others have been experiencing the same issue :frowning_face:

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They’re working on it:



This has been broken for weeks now, do the people running the site even want it to work?

Yeah I’ve certainly noticed it too.
Have to leave forums and go to home page in order to search a beer.
I started to wonder if you’re only able to search within forums from the forum page search tool…
Like if someone recently discussed that particular beer you may get a search result.

Yes we do. I know it’s very inconvenient as a site user myself. We have a small team and we’re pushing out a lot of new code though, and we’ll get to this.

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I appreciate the direct response. I’m affraid however that you just can’t afford this pace of fixing problems in todays internet. The competition is much quicker.

This was partially fixed some time ago but it’s still bugged : now we can use the Searchbar from the forum (before it wasn’t working at all) but now, no matter the search, it won’t return any result.

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