BUG Beer name character limit is lower in the edit page

When I try to Edit a few beers that were created with very long names, like this one

I cannot edit it with the same name length, the number of characters allowed is less than upon creation. It should at least be set to the same value.

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What is the character limit currently (for admins)?

I’m just adding a collaboration beer made for my city’s beer week next week and it’s like 8 of our local breweries. With all of them plus the name of the beer itself it came to exactly 100 characters long. Is this gonna be cut off if an admin verifies it or whatever?

Obviously this is an exceptional case but personally I don’t see why there even is a limit. Breweries come up with with some ridiculous names (looking at you Omnipollo) these days and we should be able to respect those silly names. Any display issues, especially on mobile, can be mitigated by simply truncating what is displayed at first (tapping/clicking it to show the name in full).


We’ve added more and more characters over the years. After a while the behavior of brewers becomes abusive. Years ago, brewers were purposefully attacking out character limits in order to drive them upward out of fun. I think we’re beyond this. Most legal, government and business agencies have character limits on products. We should be no different. Additional spaces is costly not only in terms of reserved data positions but also causes our designers to afford them at possible cost to readability and form for other beers and brewers. 100 characters will always be far more than enough to identify a beer accurately and most always completely.

Simply use “…”
Respect goes both ways.

You seem to have missed the bug here though. You can add beers with names with an unlimited number of characters, it only has to be 100 characters on the edit page.

If the limit is ‘reserved data positions’ then why can I add a beer with 122 characters in the name? How does the database handle the extra 22 characters if there’s only reserved positions for 100?

Also, breweries are not giving beers long names to disrespect this website. They are just giving them long names because they like the long names. If you think they’re doing it to abuse the data storage limits of ratebeer, then you’re either way too paranoid or you vastly overestimate this site’s influence in 2019.

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The site also shoots itself in the foot by forcing to add the Brewer name in the Beer name…